Educational games for children – learn by playing

Educational games for children – learn by playing

Some fun educational kids games are all you will ever need to teach your little preschooler the basics. Whether it’s learning to tell the time, recognize coins, know their letters and numbers, or any other skill, educational games for kids can be a great way to teach them.

Children love games and if we can make learning a game for them, they will surely enjoy the learning journey. Here are some educational games for kids that you can play with your preschooler and have as much fun as your preschooler.

    • What color ?

Spend a colorful afternoon of fun with this game. All you need for this activity are watercolors, a brush, paper and a towel to dry off after the game. Start by asking your child to pick a color and you can then have fun panting little hands and feet one by one with the color of their choice and making a print on the paper when finished. Washing off the ink after printing on a piece of paper. You will have a great keepsake while your child is busy learning some colors.

    • Small hand, big hand

Here is another educational game for kids to help kids get started in learning the concept of time. Because study time is a concept, it can take a while for preschoolers to grasp it. Repetition is key in such cases. Using descriptive words that children can identify with makes it easier for children. Name the hands on the clock, small hand for the hour hand and large hand for the minute hand. It also helps to notify your preschooler about specific times of the day when a particular favorite television program or other regular activity begins. Ask your child to check the small hand and big hand positions each time before their favorite activity begins.

    • Count the loose change in dad’s pocket

This can be a great game to start kids understanding money. Counting the loose change in dad’s pocket every night can be a fun and rewarding game to play with your child. Show and explain different coins, their names, their value. Because of their copper color, you can start with pennies as they are the most well-known. Once you’re done with the cents, you can move on to the silver coins. Introduce coins according to their colors or sizes. This simple game can prove to be a very effective educational game for kids to get them started in understanding their concept of money.

Educational games for kids can be a great way to help kids get started with early childhood education.

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