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Grammar lessons with fun educational games

Teaching English grammar can be exhausting – for the teacher and the students. It doesn’t have to be difficult or painful, however. You can teach English grammar with fun educational games and before you know it, your students will be more than ready. How does that work, you ask. Well, there has been a move… Read More »

Maximizing teaching and learning environments with social media and science

Teaching methods continue to transform into the ways in which we design instructional modules for teaching and learning. Colleges and universities that offer teacher education programs must continue to model, design, and effectively refine teacher education programs and strategies that foster the development of high-quality teachers and learners. In the early 2000s, several colleges and… Read More »

2 main factors influence learning outcomes

It is well known that the quality of our education around the world has been very low for many reasons that are never considered by our world education experts, including Indonesia, one of the largest countries in the world, whose schools and universities outnumber other countries in the world, but their quality has not improved.… Read More »

Common red flags for learning disabilities

I hate school-a/k/a Why is school so hard? Your child comes home from school and tells you that school is “sooo hard”. How does a parent effectively respond after gritting their teeth and begrudgingly missing a golden opportunity to share that he or she would just be a little more careful or try harder if… Read More »

CME Medical Writing Training – Educational Objectives

THE ROLE OF GOALS IN MEDICAL WRITING TRAINING Educational goals are among the most important steps in planning a Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Professional Development (CME/CPD) activity. They stem from the needs assessment, which determines what physicians need to learn to improve patient health outcomes. Goals therefore describe what clinicians will learn by participating in the… Read More »

The pros and cons of online learning

What best suits your learning style would easily introduce you to the entire course of Finding Online College, Getting Online College and Joining Online College. By identifying what might be most likely to work for the student while sourcing and preparing the course material and testing methods, you can assess whether their determination will lead… Read More »

Work-integrated learning (WIL), work-integrated education (WIE) and willingness to work

Students in learning institutions are better advised to complete the work-based learning, work-based education and employment readiness programs as soon as they arrive on campus, ie in the freshman year. You should be constantly involved throughout your studies. The program is quickly becoming the core of all majors around the world. The World Association of… Read More »