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Executive MBA for experienced staff

Executive MBA programs offer professionals the opportunity to earn a Masters in Business Administration. Executive MBA programs do not cause disruption to work and personal activities. This type of program includes a cohort class structure that provides a scheduled, scheduled curriculum in an executive setting. EMBA students are asked to complete their studies within two… Read More »

The IRS wants to know if you have a business or a hobby?

Being a small business owner comes with a number of challenges. You are not just about looking after your customers’ needs, getting paid, and paying your suppliers. You must also be careful to comply with federal and state laws and local guidelines. Small business owners, especially sole proprietorships, are exposed to an increased risk of… Read More »

What to expect while waiting for approval decisions

You have undoubtedly worked hard to complete your applications and they are finally submitted! What now? For the next several weeks, you may feel the fear of the infamous college waiting game as your nerves build and decision time approaches. Have the universities received my application? The universities usually receive an email confirming receipt of… Read More »

The many benefits of online education

In all fairness, online education has become increasingly popular in colleges and universities in recent years due to the improved access it offers to students. Online education refers to courses in which at least 80 percent of the content is distributed online. Students submit assignments online and often participate in chat discussions or message boards… Read More »

How to find a job that you will love

Many companies have a high turnover rate due to dissatisfied, dissatisfied and / or unappreciated employees. There are several ways a company can create loyalty, satisfaction, and a more positive attitude towards the workforce of employees. One such approach is increased corporate functions and gatherings that help develop office friendships across the company. The formation… Read More »