The advantages of Abhyanga: The Ayurvedic massage

What exactly is Abhyanga? Abhyanga is a ritual full body warm oil massage that, while wonderfully soothing and luxuriously relaxing, heals your body and mind. It is nevertheless a daily massage therapy. What does it really do and how exactly does it serve to improve the body’s function? Our body accumulates stress and tension.

This is partly due to the tight schedule we live in and the high level of stress that we experience in our professional lives, which has a strong impact on our personal environment and, above all, on our health and well-being. Imagine the strain on your body, especially your neck and eyes, when you sit in front of your computer in the office from 9am to 5pm. Now imagine the tension that is likely to build up in your muscles if you have the same routine for a whole week. Abhyanga helps the body get rid of accumulated muscle stress and tension. The following are the benefits of Abhyanga.

The Ayurvedic massage promotes blood circulation. Blood flow is extremely important when it comes to reducing muscle stress and nervous complications. It not only contributes to muscle toning, but also toning of the entire body. It also calms nerves and increases mental well-being and mental alertness. It is also a very effective remedy for arthritis. It helps relieve pain in joints by improving lubrication. Another important function of Ayurvedic massage is to remove waste from our body. The process of removing waste from the body is an important function that Ayurvedic massage supports. It primarily has to do with the regulated and targeted supply of oxygen to the entire body, which is ensured by the massage.

The Ayurvedic massage, traditionally performed in the morning, serves to release the toxins that have accumulated in the body the night before. Also, it helps the skin to do all the tasks resolutely. For example, massage ensures proper absorption of nutrients by tissues. Unlike Spa, the traditional Abhyanga offers a very herbal and natural treatment as the products used are natural derivatives. For example, it uses chemical-free organic sesame oil. Due to the antioxidants contained in the natural oil, the skin remains very healthy. It can also be helped by using herbal massage oils.

So the Ayurvedic approach to touch therapy is unique not only because of the absence of chemicals or the minimal use of chemicals, but also because it can be performed on a daily basis. The investment costs for the products are also comparatively lower. In addition, it is very effective. So if you plan to delve into the field of specific health care, traditional Ayurvedic massage services are well worth the investment. What you primarily need to start such a business is massage and spa furniture.

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