The MAOL Degree Explained

There are different types of graduate business degrees that prepare students for many types of careers. The most typical is the Master of Business Administration (MBA) with its specializations or areas of focus. There is also the Master of Science (MS) degree which allows a student to delve deeper into a business major such as: B. in management, accounting or finance. There is also a broader business degree for students interested in understanding the culture and behavior of organizations. This degree is specifically designed to teach individuals to manage teams and systems from both a human and technical perspective. It is interdisciplinary in its approach, bringing together knowledge from different fields, including economics, social sciences and communications. This degree is the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL)(Mahuron, 2013).

A versatile degree, the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) prepares individuals to tackle the human aspect of business leadership in a variety of roles and settings that encompass all private, public, and not-for-profit organizations and businesses. Graduates may be deployed to lead organizational change, be involved in human resource management, recruiting and developing employees, and help build a high-performing workforce. They can be employed as corporate trainers, adult educators, program developers or instructional designers. They work at colleges in the development, planning and implementation of college-level programs within the student services department of schools, or assume managerial responsibilities in an administrative role. It is also common for these graduates to teach college-level courses in student development, leadership, and adult basic education (Mahuron, 2013). Indeed, MAOL graduates are equipped for high-paying positions such as Human Resources Manager, Production Supervisor, and Administrative Service Manager (Wilson, 2012).

Typical coursework for the MAOL includes theories in leadership and its application, human relationships, diversity within organizations, and techniques for solving organizational problems and conflict resolution (Wilson, 2012). Effective written and verbal communication skills, staff training and development, and project management courses could also be included.

The MAOL degree is considered an alternative to the popular MBA degree. While the MBA focuses on the analytical parts of leadership, the MAOL emphasizes psychology and philosophy related to employee and organizational behavior. Each of these degrees has its own management approach and techniques. MAOL programs have been shown to produce higher quality leaders than MBA programs because of their strong emphasis on business leadership (Wilson, 2012).


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