5 Mistakes Most Online Learners Make

distance learning programs are common these days to allow people to expand and deepen their knowledge using the convenience of internet technology. The main advantages that most online learners enjoy are a flexible schedule and a distance learning environment. However, navigating the world of distance learning can be difficult, not all online learners will be successful at distance learning. If you choose to experience your journey as an online student, avoid these 5 common mistakes most online learners make and save yourself some trouble.

Mistake #1: Choose the wrong online school

Not all online schools are operated by a legitimate educational association. If you accidentally enroll in a distance learning course offered by Diplom Mill, the certification you earned from the school will be worthless. Therefore, choosing a right online school is the most important step and you need to pay extra attention when looking for your favorite distance learning program. Before enrolling in your chosen online school’s program, make sure that they have the appropriate regional accreditation, which is the key indicator that distinguishes between legit and “fake” online schools.

Mistake #2: Lack of self-discipline and self-motivation

Self-discipline and self-motivation are key factors when an online learner wants to successfully complete their distance learning course. Nobody will look at her back to get her job done; Students must have self-discipline and be able to motivate themselves to persevere through the learning process and complete the required assignments and courses to complete the distance learning program. However, many online learners lack these two key elements that make them prone to dropping out of college halfway.

To discipline and motivate themselves, many students have found it beneficial to set a deadline for completing a distance learning program and from there, break down their ultimate goal into smaller monthly, weekly, and daily goals that allow them to achieve them to reach their goal at that time.

Mistake #3: Failing to Communicate with Professors and Colleagues

Many online learners think that learning online means learning on their own. This is partly true since most online learning environments are asynchronous, with students logging in at their own time to receive the study materials and submit their coursework. However, this virtual learning environment involves other online learners where you can build some meaningful relationships with your peers that motivate you and have an opportunity to express and exchange opinions or ideas to improve your own understanding of the topic. In addition, the close relationship with your professors will definitely make your online learning easier.

Mistake #4: Not transferring loans

This is a common mistake made by those distance learners who assume that credit from an on-campus school cannot be transferred to a distance learning program. In fact, credits from online schools and campus schools are transferrable if your credits from the previous school meet your current online school’s credit transfer requirements. With the necessary credit, you can skip certain subjects and save a few credit hours to complete your distance learning degree in a short amount of time.


Mistake #5: Ignoring online resources

There are many online materials available on the Internet that can help online learners find the references, information and help they need. However, many distance learners tend to only use online resources that are available in their online learning system and ignore other online resources such as virtual dictionaries, research aids, and online books related to their field on the Internet. The best thing about online resources on the Internet is that most of them are free. By finding these sites to get the necessary references needed for your distance learning, you can save money to buy books.

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