Top 5 Trends That Are Making Video Marketing Skyrocket

Top 5 Trends That Are Making Video Marketing Skyrocket

Digital marketing, an offspring of the massive digital revolution that has taken place. One aspect of digital marketing that is gaining in importance is video marketing. Have you ever imagined that videos are so useful? Well, listen to the trends.

This trend testifies to the constant innovation that takes place in the structures of marketing. From explainer videos to animated commercials, from infographics to entertainment-based videos, the video marketing space is the busiest corner of the already action-packed world of the web.

Is video marketing really that eventful? Yes, it is! As a visual medium, it is committed to constant innovation and trends. It is an ever-changing platform, presenting itself to us in a new form each time.

Here’s a list of the latest video marketing trends that are clearly taking the field by storm.

Live Videography: Live videography is one of the hottest videography trends of recent times. Extremely useful for events, product launches and a variety of other opportunities, live video is a great video marketing tool. The biggest benefit of live video is how it drastically improves user interaction. Live video is also very realistic as it is understood that live broadcasts cannot and will not be modified in a way that is desirable for a brand’s self-image. A great example of live video marketing is buzzfeed.

360 Degree Videos: 360 degree videos are the most realistic touch to the concept of video marketing. Not only do they provide better visuals, but they also make the content easier for people to understand. They are often very catchy and attract high traffic rates. Thomson Holidays uses 360 degree video to show travel locations.

Video and e-learning: Explainer videos are booming at top speed. E-learning platforms are moving to video and have left their ppt presentations far behind. Explainer videos convey the purpose of your business in an easy-to-understand way. This helps you reach multiple customers and consumers. Hubspot, Moz are well-known brands that use video for e-learning.

Co-Creation with Consumers: Nowadays people enjoy and find it easier (thanks to smartphones) to create videos just as much as they love to consume them. Brands these days come with challenges on social media that require people to post videos of themselves sticking to the theme of the challenge. A strategy like this is a very compelling way to promote your brand. Kitkat is known for the innovative challenge they came up with recently.

VR: Virtual Reality is a contagious trend. Not as popular with brands (as it is with gamers), VR is an untapped tool in video marketing that has huge potential. VR improves the audience’s experience of video consumption, making it interactive, engaging and highly effective. McDonald’s and Uber have introduced free VR sets for their customers.

As we have seen, video marketing is taking over from digital marketing. It has a far-reaching impact that will bring a number of positive outcomes for your ambitious brand.

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