Career Opportunities for Online Criminal Justice Degree Graduates

Career Opportunities for Online Criminal Justice Degree Graduates

An online criminal justice degree from an accredited university is a great way to start a career path from the comfort of your own home. Upon graduation, diploma recipients will be on the fast track to earning jobs in the criminal justice field. Below are some of the types of jobs that graduates with this type of degree can hope to get.

police officer

One of the most common applications for a criminal justice degree is to become a police officer. There are a variety of county and state-level jobs nationwide, which means finding a job is easier than jobs in many other areas. Police officers work closely with citizens to ensure public safety and compliance with local, state, and national laws. You can work in as many departments as you like, which means there is career diversity and opportunities for advancement.

correctional officer

A corrections officer works with institutions and correctional facilities to ensure inmates are properly monitored, detained, and treated. They are deeply involved in the daily operations of jails and jails as they monitor inmates and take action to discourage inappropriate behavior. Her criminal justice background serves as the foundation of her success.

Probation Officer/Probation Officer

Probation and parole officers are tasked with overseeing those convicted of a crime and sentenced to either a suspended sentence or imprisonment or probation as a condition of release. They manage multiple offenders through drug screening and other compliance measures while ensuring they meet the terms of their sentence. An online degree can provide them with valuable knowledge of the applicable laws and statutes regarding these offenders and provides some of the education needed to succeed.


For many criminal justice majors, a paralegal is one of the first things to achieve after graduation. They work closely with law firms and conduct both legal and precedent research on any number of cases simultaneously. They may also be responsible for preparing reports for various purposes. Her experience gained through her criminal justice training serves as valuable experience in handling legal matters.


A criminal justice degree serves as the backbone of many attorneys who eventually become prosecutors or defense attorneys. Lawyers use their knowledge of the law to bring cases or defend defendants. Either way, a deep understanding of the law is paramount to success in the legal profession, and an online degree could be the first step.

A Online Criminal Justice Degree prepares every student for immediate employment in a range of fields in one of the fastest growing programs in the country.

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