Top 5 Myths About K 12 Online Schooling Busted! And It’s About Time

Top 5 Myths About K 12 Online Training Busted! And it’s about time

Most parents are averse to the concept of homeschooling because they are targeting the wrong people with the wrong perception. We are naturally afraid of change and anything new instills fear of the unknown. It’s easier to reject change altogether than to take a moment and consider the alternatives. Although virtual homeschooling has been around for quite some time, there are parents who cannot see beyond the traditional school system.
K 12 Online Schooling can offer you more than you could ever ask for. Your child will grow up with your values. They will always be around you. They learn about family morals, the siblings grow up together, and the family bond continues to grow. You will have greater influence over their behavior and life choices.
But myths circulate that sometimes aim to supersede these benefits. The misunderstandings raise doubts and parents cannot enjoy the rewards that K 12 Online Schooling brings to a family. To help you avoid the misguided crowd and rise up. Here is a list of the top 5 K 12 Online Schooling Myths doing the rounds. It’s time you learned the truth about virtual homeschooling.
1. Parents can never teach like professional teachers
This is the most common myth about the digital school. Barbara Bush’s famous quote, “Home is the child’s first school, parents are the child’s first teachers, and reading is the child’s first subject.” Clearly states that no other person in the world can teach your child better than you . Parents are natural teachers and we know what our child wants to learn. We taught them to talk, we taught them to walk, why can’t we teach them academics?
We also keep track of what our child is learning. We will advance at our child’s pace. Do you think it’s possible for a teacher with about 20 students to give each child individual attention?
2. Homeschools cannot replicate a classroom
Of course, you can’t bring in benches and pack 30 students into a single room, but isn’t that an advantage for the learner? Not everyone can perform well in a routine and learning is limited to what is taught. What if your child finally found a topic interesting and the doorbell rang? How long will it take for interest rates to come back?
With K 12 Online Schooling you can continue on a topic for as long as you like. In addition, there is no burden of tasks, no distractions or unnecessary deadline pressure.
3. Your child is not learning social skills
Well, school isn’t the only place your kids can socialize. If the homeschooler has extracurricular activities like taking music lessons, going to the park to play, or signing up for some hobby classes. You can make friends and socialize in these places with ease. Kids can also meet their peers at neighborhood parks, weekend gates, or even the mall.
Homeschoolers often tend to seek out other homeschool families so they can help the children develop bonds of friendship and camaraderie. Homeschoolers can also develop their social skills by interacting with their peers in the digital world. Many children benefit from online communities and forums designed specifically for homeschool students.
4. Children do not learn all necessary subjects
You must define “necessary” before you believe this myth. Do you think economics is necessary for a child who wants to be a painter? Or will you impose science and mathematics on an author in the making? Traditional schools have the same curriculum for all their students without considering the child’s aptitude and interest. Not that it’s their fault, they just don’t have the ability to adjust.
But you definitely do. With virtual homeschooling, you can design your child’s curriculum to suit their interests. Use the remaining time to let them learn what they want and let them grow in their own way. Give science to a scientist and literature to an author, not the other way around. Your child will surely learn all the necessary subjects.
5. “Overprotective parents” choose the digital school
To dispel this myth, I would simply say that “smart parents” choose homeschooling. Parents who want to spend more time with their children and want to leave template learning behind are opting for the digital school. The concept gives your family freedom, both academically and socially. You don’t have to cancel a meeting just because of exams or postpone a dinner because of an assignment.
Nearly 3 percent of all American children are homeschooled and do very well in the outside world. It goes without saying that the parents of all 1.5 million children worldwide cannot be labeled overprotective. Choosing a school system that gives you more time with your child doesn’t make you overprotective, it just means you value your time.
K 12 online training is the way to go!
In the digital school system everything is similar to the traditional school, only better and with additional advantages of freedom, flexibility and fun. This eccentric learning environment can prove to be a positive change for your family, but you can never be sure if you haven’t tried homeschooling. Homeschooling is the future and be a part of it now!

Thanks to Matma Sharma

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