Pros and Cons of Free Online Download Textbooks

Many students download free textbooks as an alternative to the college books they need. But students should also know some advantages and disadvantages of downloading books online.

Of all the advantages of downloading books is their cost. They can just download free textbooks and save their money instead of spending it in bookstores. There are many easily downloadable books that you can find on the Internet if you know the correct title, author, edition, or ISBN number of the book you are looking for.

Laptops, tablets, e-readers and other devices where you store your files serve as your own library. Instead of having a clutter of dusty and bulky books on your desk during exam week, all you need is your gadget and you’re good to go. Carrying multiple books at once will no longer be a chore when all you have to do is carry your laptop.

Better readability is also a factor, as most e-books can be enlarged to make letters larger and easier to read. You’ll also be greener by downloading free textbooks and going paperless – your books no longer need paper or ink, so you’re helping to make the world greener in your own way.

However, digital books are not perfect. While you can download free textbooks with various titles, that doesn’t mean you can find everything on the internet. You may have trouble finding electronic versions of books published about fifteen years ago. There are still a lot of books waiting to be digitized.

Also, there is a growing concern among e-readers about their eye health. Prolonged reading on a monitor causes eyestrain. While other readers have the option to limit the time they read on their tablets, students have no choice but to stare at their screens and read their digital textbooks for hours on end, most commonly during hours of exams and assignments. Also, some people don’t like the idea of ​​e-books because they find it difficult to focus on one device that lets them do many things (lots of apps!).

Finally, the “start-up costs” might be a bit high. If you don’t already have your own tablet or reader, it can get expensive for you to buy a new one – especially if you’re a college student trying to stay frugal.

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