Private Schools For The Spread of Education

Private Schools For The Spread of Education

Schools are primarily places of learning. They are educational institutions that have the indomitable task of supporting the students mentally and socially and imparting knowledge to them in order to ensure their holistic development. Therefore, teachers play the most important role in educational institutions. Primary education begins at school and therefore schools play a fundamental role in developing the student’s personality and laying the foundations for his or her future. In this case, it must be pointed out that there are certain schools set up by the government to facilitate the dissemination of education. These are government schools that usually conform to certain valid codes established by the ruling government. However, there are several private organizations that also invest in establishing schools with the same goal of disseminating education. Such schools are commonly referred to as private schools.

The private schools are largely funded by tuition fees collected from the student body. It must be noted that in the case of state schools, the provincial or national governments can play a role in the selection of the student body and also in the choice of their teachers and are funded entirely from state or national government funds. On the contrary, in private schools there is no such state interference in matters of student or teacher recruitment, and no aid is given in the form of government grants. It should be noted that the term private school has been restricted to use only in relation to elementary and secondary education institutions and is not used under normal circumstances in several countries around the world for institutions of higher education.

One of the most striking features of most private schools is the high tuition fees. Most private schools that operate worldwide often charge very high tuition fees, and this includes boarding schools. The location of the school, donations and some other factors are responsible for the increasing tuition fees. The private schools, for their part, justify this rise with the promise of the best qualified teachers, better learning resources and expanded library facilities, healthy interaction between teachers and students and individual attention given to them, etc. Some private schools may also be connected with religious concerns and therefore include in addition to academics, the study of religious codes and norms.

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