7 Major Benefits Of Using An Online Fax Provider

With today’s ever-changing communication platforms, running any type of business can be a harrowing experience. Even seasoned business owners need to stay current and take full advantage of new communication methods.

Online faxing uses an online account and the Internet to send and receive your faxes via email – usually in an email attachment. Faxes can also be sent to normal fax machines.

Admittedly, online fax services have been around for a while, but they offer great benefits or advantages over the old traditional fax machine. These advantages cannot be ignored if you want to remain competitive in today’s business climate.

So here are seven key benefits of using an online fax service or provider. Each benefit is discussed in detail – with particular attention to the positive impact it can have on your business.

1. Security

Security isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the internet, but modern online fax services are extremely secure. With SSL encryption and highly protected online storage, your faxes are private and secure.

Remember that your online fax account is like any other account on the internet and you need to take simple precautions to keep it safe. Change your passwords regularly and, to be on the safe side, delete highly sensitive company faxes that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands.

2. Reliable

The top fax providers are very reliable and trustworthy. They have years of experience providing businesses with all types of faxing. Whether you’re sending a single fax or bulk faxes to thousands of customers, these providers can get the job done.

In contrast to conventional faxing, you can check online whether your faxes have arrived. You can also send a fax until it is delivered.

3. Multi- or cross-platform

Your faxes can be sent and received from numerous modern platforms – including web apps, fax API, iOS app, email to fax, Google Docs… and the list goes on. This is all important as your customers can receive faxes across a myriad of platforms – so your messages really get through.

4. Easy to use

Online faxing is very easy to use. Most services provide you with a web interface/account that you can access anywhere in the world where you have internet service. All providers offer you tutorials and guides to ensure your faxing goes as smoothly as possible. You can also port your current fax number to your new account with no loss of business.

You can also easily sign documents. In most cases you simply upload a document to edit or sign before sending your fax – usually in PDF, TIF, DOC or JPG format.

5. Scalability

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits for businesses – big or small – is the scalability of online faxing. Most, if not all, providers have different fax plans to meet your business needs. In other words, you can scale your fax needs as your business grows.

Most online fax providers are enterprise-ready and you can easily customize your account for maximum usage. This can save you time and money, especially when you need to ramp up or down operations to meet your current business activities.

6. Flexible pricing

All top fax providers have flexible pricing. This can be important if you are just starting a business and funds are tight. Most have a free plan or trial so you can check the quality of their services before purchasing. Most have three or four different fax plans that you can upgrade to based on your needs and budget.

Remember that online faxing is a paperless system, so you don’t have ongoing paper and ink costs. You don’t need to buy a fax machine, which can also save you money.

7. Mobility

Perhaps one of the best advantages of using online fax is its mobility. Of course, being a web-based system, you can send and receive faxes anywhere in the world. This makes every company mobile and flexible. Your company is not tied to a specific location or business hours in this regard. This simply means you can be open 24/7 for your business.

In summary, online faxing is secure, reliable, cross-platform, scalable, cost-effective, easy-to-use, and mobile. All of these factors can be beneficial for any business or company. These benefits should also be considered when determining how effective or competitive you want your business to be in the future. Choose wise.

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