The Nature and Scope of Organizational Psychology

By | December 6, 2023

While organizational psychology is a deeply rooted concept, in simple terms it involves the application of various psychological principles in the work environment. It addresses human interaction in the workplace and how interaction can be better performed to improve work efficiency, communication and the overall functioning of any organization.

The role of organizational psychologists is to design activities and develop schedules that allow for better social interaction between people within the organization. They develop training principles and procedures, selection procedures and design evaluation systems through which interaction within the organization can be improved. Typically, organizations hire organizational psychologists to address issues related to employee turnover and morale. They also hire them to help them implement solutions that can address employee training and selection.

Organizational psychologists teach management how to select the right person for a specific job requirement and also set the criteria by which they can be promoted. As part of their job, they have to do a lot of research and also compile the right statistics so that their cause can actually be implemented.

They develop tests that assess employees’ skills and determine their problem-solving abilities to improve office efficiency. These tests determine not only an employee’s skills, but also their mental abilities and emotional strengths. They check whether the employee exhibits characteristics that are associated with positive employment values. The goal of these tests is not only to hire the right staff, but also to ensure that those who are being hired are not the ones who are likely to leave in the future. Beyond the process of effective hiring, organizational psychologists are also known for developing coaching tolls that help improve relationships between employees and also help them cope with stressful situations.

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