Hair transplant training

Hair transplant training

The success of your hair restoration surgery largely depends on your doctor’s education, medical experience, hair transplant education, aesthetic talent and general character. So choose a professional to repair your damaged coronation.

In terms of education, a hair restoration specialist can only be called that if he or she has earned a bachelor’s degree, a medical degree, and a year of internship at a hospital or medical facility. He or she must have participated in clinical rotations covering all basic medical procedures.

Hair transplant training from a licensed doctor is not official without surgical residency training. This can take around four to six years and involves actual practice of general surgery and the use of numerous surgical technologies and equipment.

The specialization in hair loss and restoration does not begin until the doctor is accepted into a hair transplant surgery fellowship. This is the time when the surgeon focuses on treatments and procedures related to hair loss. Fellowships last approximately two to three years and train a surgeon to perform advanced transplant procedures.

An experienced doctor who has undergone intensive hair transplant training is the best person who can fully discuss the scope of the operation with you. It is recommended to check with around three to five doctors before deciding on one. A good doctor will likely address any topics you need to know, but make sure you also have a set of prepared questions during the consultation.

To learn more about the reputation of the surgeon you wish to have surgery from, check with the medical association or society in your city, state, or county. A visit to the city medical library will also help. If you talk to doctors and hairdressers in your social network, you will also get recommendations.

It is often recommended to choose a hair restoration surgeon who is based in your community as you can always quickly visit his or her clinic throughout the course of the transplant procedure. Only if there are no qualified specialists in your area is it advisable to travel to other neighboring cities or counties and look there.

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