Six Advantages of Attending a "Party" School

Six Advantages of Attending a "Party" School

There are quite a few “party” schools among the approximately three thousand colleges and universities in the United States. What is a party school? It’s a big school where there’s: heavy alcohol or drug use, few moral restraints like promiscuity, and study is usually not taken very seriously. Although these schools may sound gross to many parents of high school seniors, they offer many positive benefits to students.

1. Between 20,000 and 100,000 students attend these schools. Acceptance rates are usually high. If you have completed your A-levels with good grades, your chances of admission are good. If you didn’t graduate from high school but earned a GED (General Educational Diploma), you still have a good chance of being accepted.

2. Tuition at these schools is less run than at expensive private colleges or universities. 2015-16 tuition averaged $25,000 per year. State tuition is approximately $10,000 per year.

3. Graduating from a party school can impress potential employers, especially if you have a high GPA of 3.0 to 4.0. It shows that you have disciplined yourself enough to overcome many distractions and temptations to earn this four-year diploma. You stand out from your classmates who dropped out because of too much partying and not enough study.

4. Party schools can help introverted students develop social skills they will need later in life. Since many students get together to party, it’s easier for a loner to jump in and make friends. Ultimately, you develop networks of friends who could potentially become good job leads.

5. You learn to balance business with pleasure, which is important when you are selected as a candidate for a job. Employers are typically looking for makers who don’t just work; You want hard-working employees with a social personality who are good with colleagues and who attract customers.

6. Studying hard for exams and chores can lead to stress. Party schools offer many social activities that help blow off steam. There are many places where students can stay such as restaurants, bars, fraternity and sorority houses. You can watch live sports games and cheer on your team.

For high school students looking to attend college, a party school should not be overlooked. Attending and graduating from such a school requires a lot of discipline in learning to avoid the temptation to fail and drop out. For the same reason, socializing a lot can make you less introverted and more social, making it easier for you to make lots of friends and help you get a good job.

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