Is Online Tuition Right for You?

Education and knowledge can be received and imparted in many different ways. Traditionally, children gather in a common public area such as the classroom, where a fixed floor plan is often seen. A teacher stands in front of the class and works out a topic; The students are seated, some paying attention, some struggling to stay awake, and many pretending to listen.

As the generations pass, people realize that a one-way way of learning is not at all effective. The focus is shifted to tailor each individual’s learning in a targeted and individual way, based on the motto “teach less, learn more”. This meant that teachers should be less imparting knowledge and more guiding students in their activities and discussions in school. This turned the ever-so-boring institution into a more interactive and fun place to meet.

But as we progressed with the growing powers of the World Wide Web, learning took another form again. E-learning, or online classes as we often call them, allows a student to learn from the comfort of their own home and at their own pace. The advantages of this flexible and convenient system have gained popularity in many countries. With the many offers of virtual learning centers, parents are spoiled for choice. Is the cheapest the best deal in town? How many hours does my child need with online tutoring? Are fancy gadgets important?

Two words sum it all up: it depends. You might be surprised by this short and simple answer. That’s tantamount to not answering, right? Think about it. Before we even consider the discounts offered by the various tutoring platforms, is online tutoring even right for your child? Online classes require the learner to be self-motivated and independent most of the time. This is because the tutor is not physically present to guide the child in an authoritative or consistent manner. Whether to ‘go’ or not ‘go’ to class is up to the learner and the tutor cannot change that decision at all. Compare this to a tutor who personally comes to the student’s home to teach. In this case he is there physically to encourage the child to sit down and start serious work. So paying an online tutor to tutor a child who isn’t enthusiastic is like throwing money down the drain.

However, online classes work for students who want to learn but need individual attention. Children who struggle to understand a teacher who speaks like a bullet train will benefit the most from this affordable and flexible type of coaching. For those who are fortunate enough to have excellent school teachers and just need a tutor to go over the mistakes they make in their exam and practice papers or help them with their intensive exam preparation, online tutors are the best versus sign up at a study center.

One important point to keep in mind though: make sure your online tutor is familiar with the subject’s syllabus. For example, it is not good for a student studying in Singapore to get a teacher specializing in the US curriculum and vice versa. So choose your tutors wisely.

Thanks to Jacqueline L.

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