Increasing User Engagement Through Sitefinity Development Services

Sitefinity CMS is a contemporary digital platform specifically designed to increase user engagement in a profitable way. It offers an insightful and familiar management toolset within an easy-to-use interface, allowing marketers to be more creative and efficient. Since the initial release, Sitefinity development services have popped up with standard updates and features in the latest versions.

Recently, Sitefinity 11.2 version has been released, which has emerged with many innovative features that bring excellent experience to users. Overall, the Sitefinity development services incorporate the following new Sitefinity features:-

Sitefinity CMS HubSpot Connector: This allows companies to easily make changes to the existing Sitefinity CMS forms to trigger automated workflows and also launch data into HubSpot. Additionally, it gives users full control over field scheduling and reprocessing the same form across different campaigns by pushing the API key associated with HubSpot.

Manage events competently: Today, the administration of events is easy to maintain and great importance is attached to an uncomplicated and clean design. Enjoy easy event management, improved list views, and more.

Custom Authentication: You can now use the Sitefinity CMS Security API and exit the verification part and log in directly as a user. This aspect is applicable when you use a custom mechanism to confirm to your users that they are outside of Sitefinity CMS.

Health Check API: If you want to develop custom modules for your Sitefinity website, you can make the most of the health check services and also integrate some traditional code into your modules. This significantly expands the scope of your health check service and uses it as the central mechanism for checking Sitefinity’s vital signs.

New Documentation: You can now consult the most comprehensive Sitefinity CMS documentation that keeps you up to date on SiteSync models and processes, and you can also find out how to organize your work with SiteSync. You also get the opportunity to watch the videos that show complex but important SiteSync configurations.

New Content Rich Text Editor: Users can now easily change the settings of the rich text editor and this help to improve the user experience. The editor is created in Kendo UI and the configuration file is presented along with the admin app.

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