Steps and features to develop an on-demand healthcare solution like Practo!

Still standing in a long line to get that doctor’s appointment? Well, things have changed a lot in the last year following the outbreak of the pandemic. The need to keep distance and stay at home as much as possible has fundamentally changed the healthcare system. Within a year, many online doctor appointment solutions have been launched to simplify the process of healthcare and treatment.

Patients can now conveniently book a doctor’s appointment from home and also receive advice over the phone. The Practo Clone app improves the quality of the healthcare system and offers maximum convenience for medical advice.

Healthcare and medicine is an evergreen industry. This is the right time to start your own online doctor appointment and consultation business.

Follow the description to learn more about the features and steps to start Practo-like doctor appointment solutions:

Steps to follow in creating Practo clone app

Building a successful app in this competitive world is quite a challenge. To create a Practo-like doctor appointment solution, a company needs to hire professional developers with years of experience to avoid glitches.

Make sure the development company you hire follows all the online doctor appointment solution steps.

1. Do lots of research

It is better to know something about the medical appointment solutions market than nothing. Conduct market research, study the initial stories of such applications, and those who have difficulty building their market will help you greatly in building your own product. What’s better than learning from your mistakes while researching white label appointment solutions?

  • Study the competitors closely

  • Analyze the pros and cons

  • Don’t waste opportunities

  • Pay attention to patient needs

2. Create strategy

After the research, create a strategy to carry out the plan to create a Practo-like clone app.

This is the second step in which you will specify the features, technology, and language that will be used to design an Uber-like healthcare system. There are many factors to consider when building an app, such as: B. Type of platforms it operates on, type of technology used, demographics, services, etc.

Make sure you keep the app’s encryption system very strong. Because with the on-demand doctor’s appointment solution, the personal and medical data of the patients are shared. These small features improve the solution quality.

3. Design

Designing and prototyping the doctor appointment solution is quite a challenge. It’s better if you have an exact image of the app in mind. Otherwise, you can enlist the help of experts like RGI to help you decide what type of UI is best for appointments and healthcare.

  • Decide the color, pattern, theme, and other visual elements

  • Design a user interface

  • Make sure the app/website has easy-to-navigate landing pages

  • Tune it according to the operating systems (Android or iOS or Windows)

4. Testing

Testing is an important process to provide the best user experience in the end. Let your patients, doctors and all users; Use the application to find the bugs and things that can be changed or added for better use. Take user feedback seriously and evolve accordingly, because it’s all about user experience.

Testing is the process of testing the product under extreme loads and conditions to verify its stability and survivability in real cases.

5. Setup to start

After testing the on-demand doctor appointment solution several times; You are finally ready to launch the app. But launching an app is not enough.

It is important to regularly maintain and update the app. Regularly add new features and remove glitches and bugs to provide rich user experience to customers/patients. Offer freedom to all your patients by keeping the white label appointment solution customizable.

Basic functions of Practo like Solution

To build one On-demand solution for doctor appointmentssome basic features are required to make it succeed:

  1. patients

There are many basic features that make the on-demand doctor appointment solution easy to use:

  • Consultation proposal – It is not the same as consulting a doctor. The app asks some questions about the health issues a patient is facing. By answering these questions and sharing your symptoms, you will receive several suggestions to see a doctor. It is a pre-set question that can be answered either by choosing from multiple options or by choosing yes or no.
  • Online Consultation – Patients may contact the physicians listed on the application during a medical emergency. There is also the possibility of teleconsultation, in which the doctors themselves contact the patients and issue prescriptions.
  • Seek – An open search option that can be used directly by patients to look for a doctor in their area or a specialist for the specific clinical picture. The Uber healthcare option suggests you the best doctors for your treatment.
  • article – Health-related articles are continuously published on the app by professionals. It covers almost all topics like civilization diseases, daily life struggles, etc. These articles inform people about various health problems, symptoms, stages and possible solutions.
  • buy medicine – Just like ordering groceries or groceries online, you can also order medicines. These Practo Clone Apps ensure transparency and require invoices or prescriptions before selling medication. It eliminates the chances of illegal buyers or people taking it for fun.
  1. doctors

Managing weekly consultations and daily appointments makes it the perfect on-demand solution for doctor appointments.

Doctors can track any normal patient’s medical history by checking their profile.

Doctors can create their profiles in the Practo Clone app. You must provide information such as experience, history, ratings, education and more.

Additionally, with the white-label appointment solution, doctors can send the signed prescription to their patient’s phone for authenticity verification.

  1. List of clinics and hospitals

Patients can even use the Practo Clone app to find the best hospitals and clinics. Hospitals can submit their ads.

The hospital can install the appointment software and maintain the patient file.


The world is changing and so is how we deal with the midlife crisis. Now it is no longer stressful to attend doctor’s appointments. Everything you need to purchase the on-demand doctor solution from the expert. Let this pre-packaged solution help you bring the healthcare and treatment experience to all patients.

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