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Advantages and disadvantages of digital electronics

Digital electronics are systems that use a digital signal instead of an analog signal. Digital Electronic circuits are those that work with digital signals. These are discrete signals sampled from the analog signal. Digital circuits use binary notation to transmit the signal. A digital circuit is made up of small electronic circuits called logic gates… Read More »

10 advantages of driving a car

If you don’t have a driver’s license, you could be missing out on a number of benefits. Here are 10 reasons why your New Year’s resolution should learn to drive. 1. Driving might give you a first taste of independence, especially if you live at home with your parents. 2. If you have children, a… Read More »

The origins of fabric painting

You look at the wonderful tapestries and marvel at the designs. The painted fabrics take your breath away and make you wonder how on earth did they do that? Craftsmen of all ages have passed on their amazing skills, teaching people how to paint fabrics for centuries. Fabric painting is said to have its roots… Read More »

The Purpose and Significance of the Waggle

To the untrained eye, the wobble appears as a pointless, wriggling motion that does nothing useful in swing. For the untrained, the wobble is nothing more than a way to burn off nervous energy before hitting a golf swing. If the jiggling is done right, such apparitions couldn’t be further from the truth. The wiggle… Read More »