India Holds Good Promise For Animation Students

India Holds Good Promise For Animation Students

Animation as a career has the potential to make good money in India. If you’re creative and can draw, it’s a good idea to consider animation as a career. Animated films are a collaborative effort of many different people who specialize in a particular aspect of the work. Normally you only do one job, but there are people who do many different jobs.


History is the central theme in this job. The storyteller is first in line. He is followed by storyboarding, character sketch makers, and concept builders. The other openings are Ink and Painting, Cleanup, Scanning, Composing, Keyframe Animation, Background Creation, Payout, and in between

qualifications required

For a diploma or bachelor’s degree, it is sufficient that the candidates are only high school graduates. And if you want to study for a postgraduate degree, any bachelor’s degree will do. It goes without saying that some computer skills are required. Some exceptions are Industrial Design, Technology and Engineering, which require related degrees.

degrees and diplomas

Degrees are awarded in traditional animation, stop motion animation, rotoscopy and 3D and 2D digital animation, drawing, claymation and even human anatomy.

where should i study

While even small towns in India are full of animation schools, renowned ones include Indian Institute of Design in Delhi, JJ School of Arts in Mumbai, industrial design centers in Mumbai and Guwahati, and Arena Multimedia in about 10 locations, Rai University in Delaware The company has distance learning in its program and many students from India are taking the courses.

What the future brings

The burgeoning animation industry will bring in around $400 in revenue before 2010. NASSCOM estimates that this will result in jobs for 300,000 animation professionals. There is no shortage of sources. Business is done with companies all over the world. Animation is used in many areas in entertainment channels such as cinema and television. Business products, sales presentation, web design, engineering, fashion, graphic design, advertising and computer games.

An encouraging aspect of the education is that most of the institutes that educate the students also take responsibility for finding them jobs.


Reputable companies pay no less than 10,000 rupees for a fresh candidate. Hundreds of other smaller companies offer a salary that is not too low. As you gain experience, you can even expect to pay up to 40,000 rupees. There are animation professionals who can make six figures in less than 5 years. So, as a practical matter, a young man who leaves his animation school at 20 or 21 will on average make 25,000 rupees in 5 years, not a figure to scoff at.

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