Important factors that can influence the learning process

Learning comes in different forms and its meaning varies from person to person. When someone takes it lightly, it’s something that’s very easy to learn, but on the other hand, some people find it an extremely difficult task. However, the teachers are always there to break down the obstacles and make the learning easy. They make learning easier for students and help them better understand the knowledge or information.

Learning is a collaborative effort as in most cases the learning process involves both learners and teachers to make learning effective and the effort should of course be mutual. At the same time, it is important to see if the teacher is effective and using the right techniques while teaching the students. All of this depends on the experience and understanding of the teacher. It is often observed that a particular teacher has sufficient knowledge but lacks effective teaching methods. With these factors in mind, a number of teacher training institutes have emerged and taken the initiative to improve the quality of teachers. These institutes offer a range of teacher training courses that enable teachers to improve their teaching skills with an emphasis on modern and improved teaching techniques.

Learning itself is a very interesting and simple process, provided the learner correctly recognizes the importance of knowledge. It is the teacher’s responsibility to make the learning process effective for the learner. There are a number of learning techniques, but there may be times when a particular technique that is effective for one person may not be effective for another. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the factors affecting the learning process in order to implement the appropriate learning approach for an individual.

The effective factors are listed below:

Intellectual Factor: The intellectual factor indicates a person’s mental state and level. It depends on the intellectual level of a person to understand the performance in school, for example a task given by the teacher may seem simple and easy for a student with a higher intellectual level, while in the case of a student with a lower intellectual level it is the same task seems very difficult. Because of this, students with weak intellectual quotient face a number of difficulties in school, and it is the responsibility of teachers to help students improve their moral state and self-confidence to go further and harder for fulfillment to work on the learning tasks. There are special cases when learning difficulties are identified in students. In such cases, it is the teacher’s responsibility to pay special attention to overcoming the obstacles faced by the students and to facilitate their learning process.

Physical Factors: Sometimes learning is also affected by students’ physical factors or physical disabilities, including health, visual and physical deficiencies, diet, physical development, and glandular abnormalities. In rural and underdeveloped areas, many college students suffer from malnutrition and several other illnesses related to the eating disorder. There are children who suffer from visual, hearing and other physical disabilities that prevent them from developing their skills such as reading, writing, spelling and so on. Therefore, various health risks also have a greater impact on students’ ability to learn.

Mental Factors: Children can be defiant, cheeky and sometimes impulsive, which is perfectly normal for their age, but some children are very difficult to manage and have extremely difficult and challenging behaviors that seem completely out of league. These children with attitude disorders lead them to various mental disorders that can act as a barrier to learning. Bad attitudes are also responsible for the development of major personality problems. Sometimes the major mental disorders require medical advice, but only if the student is recommended to seek medical treatment from the teacher concerned. If the teacher is able to recognize the existing disorder in his student more quickly, the intervention that can ensure a better future for the student will be quicker. With learning disabilities becoming more prominent in students recently, institutes are offering teacher training courses that focus on teaching students with special needs, where teachers are trained to deal with difficult situations like these.

Teacher Personality: It is recommended that teachers have a pleasant and positive attitude towards students. It is important for a teacher to have a bright personality and value discipline. According to many educators, a teacher’s primary responsibility is not limited to overseeing routine tasks, but to guiding and inspiring students to develop positive personalities.

There are several other key factors that can significantly alter the learning process, and with a little care and dedication, these obstacles can easily be removed. Several pre-school and elementary school courses for teachers are available to help teachers apply new learning methods and sufficiently improve their behavior towards students, which is beneficial to students.

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