Forex Education – The Best Ways to Learn Forex

By | June 21, 2022

Anyone can win at forex trading but of course you need to get a forex trading education and here we are going to look at some free methods and some you have to pay for and see which is the best forex education for you .

95% of all forex traders lose money and that is simply because they get the wrong forex education. So let’s take a look at the best free sources, some that you pay for, and find out which is the best.

Free Forex Education

If you have time, you can find all the information you need to trade successfully online for free.

The best way for novice traders to achieve success in forex trading is by using forex charts and you can get all the information about the indicators, how to use them and real-time charts for free. Of course, you’ll have to create your own strategy, but if you take your time and learn as you go, you can do it.

However, there is a lot of free forex training that you need to avoid. For example never listen to traders on forex forums the only reason is they can’t make money and want to share their wisdom to make them feel better or try to get leads to sell some junk trades system.

All the information is free, but you will need to devise your own strategy, and for traders who don’t feel confident enough, there are two other alternatives.

1. Buy a ready-made Forex Expert Advisor or software package

With these you don’t have to learn anything, all you do is pay a hundred bucks or so, lug the software around and the theory is you can sit back and make a huge steady income.

However, these systems do not work and common sense should tell traders that they will not earn a lifetime income by spending a hundred dollars – if it were true the whole world would be trading and no one would bother working.

2. Forex courses

These are generally sold by retailers with a 100% money back guarantee and allow you to learn risk free. They shorten your learning curve by giving you proven strategies and then demonstrating them live trading so you can build your confidence and see how the strategy works and usually come with unlimited email support so you have a tutor who guides you

So what is the best way to learn Forex?

If you’re confident enough, use the free information you can find online, if not, don’t be fooled by the get-rich-quick software you can buy instead, buy a forex course that will give you the skills mediated, which you need risk-free.

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