Distance Learning – Advantages and Disadvantages

Distance learning has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages make this online alternative very popular. However, before you decide on distance learning over traditional learning, you should also be aware of the disadvantages.

Advantages of distance learning:

Convenience: In this economy, it’s difficult to take time off work to educate yourself for a more secure future. One advantage of distance learning is that it allows you to maintain your job without conflicts of time. Distance learning allows students to attend classes at any time of the day or night.

Availability: Another advantage of distance learning is that you are not limited to courses offered by local colleges. If you already have personal responsibility, going to school at a greater distance from your place of residence is not always an option. Distance learning makes it possible to take almost any course at any university.

Increased Resources: Distance learning not only offers the benefits of expanding the courses and programs available at will, but also offers more opportunities for feedback and interaction with faculty and fellow students. Because email and forums are integral parts of distance learning, interaction can occur as needed—not limited to class or campus time, or playing phone tags and voicemail.

Disadvantages of distance learning

Deadlines: As with any course, there are deadlines that must be met. By not attending a scheduled class, you may miss deadlines. This can be a disadvantage of distance learning if you are not good at time management.

Studies: Finding enough uninterrupted online time can be difficult since you are attending classes at home. Instructors provide a syllabus, so you should be able to create a schedule around the course schedule. You may need to make arrangements with a sitter or spouse to look after the children and remember to turn off the TV and phone.

Testing: Tests may need to be monitored or timed online to remain honest, especially for the final exam. Your teacher will make arrangements with local educators or provide you with timed online tests so you cannot rely on using your textbook to pass. If you live close to the school, you may need to take the exam at the exam center. You need to make sure you’re spending as much time studying as you would in the traditional way, but there can be more distractions.

Interaction: Discussion board contributions and responses are typically included in course requirements. Sometimes you need to participate in a forum discussion during a set time so that you can interact with your instructor in real time. Again, you must be able to manage your time so that you are available without distractions.

learning style: Another disadvantage of distance learning is that the course may not provide instruction for the auditory or visual learner. If lecture and supplemental videos are included, it may work for your learning style. Be sure to check the teacher’s teaching style before committing to the course. The course may be delivered by more than one instructor, each of whom may have different teaching styles.

Successful distance learning

To be successful as a distance student, you need to weigh the pros and cons of distance learning. For the first time as a distance learner, enroll in just one course you’ll enjoy and see how it goes.

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