The Importance of Secondary Education

The Importance of Secondary Education

Education is an important part of a person’s life as it enables them to acquire the skills needed to deal with life situations. It is a must for every human being to get the right education and move from one level of study to another in order to gain the knowledge needed to deal with the life situation and professional demands of later life. In order to get the right education, it is necessary for a person to go to secondary school.

Immediately after primary school, a child must move on to secondary education, which is one of the key aspects of education, after which college education follows. Secondary schools are referred to as middle school, preparatory school, high school, vocational school, etc. depending on the educational goal.

Secondary education is referred to as K-12 education in the US, Australia and Canada, and 1-13 in New Zealand. In Europe it emerged in the 16th century, while in the United States it only emerged in the early 19th century with the opening of factories that created a need for skilled workers.

It is vital for every student to have a secondary education as it serves as the link between what they absorb in elementary school and higher education. Much important knowledge that helps a growing mind to think, analyze and study the world around it is still further developed and enhanced as a result of what is learned or assimilated in elementary school. Colleges require a student to complete their education before they can gain admission to college as this provides the complete foundation upon which students can build a higher education framework.

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