Tips on how to properly use a monopod

Finally a photo technique You probably won’t find it anywhere else!

We’ve heard that using a tripod can reduce camera instability and give us cleaner, sharper images. That is an undisputed fact!

Unfortunately, lugging around a massive tripod can often be quite a challenge, not to mention we often find ourselves in a position where it’s impossible to use one. There’s just not enough space.

Therefore, most photographers (at least those who care enough to take great pictures) get a monopod.

In case you didn’t know, a monopod uses the same type of camera mount and whatnot as a tripod, but has the advantage of only using one leg.

This feature is both good and bad…

Because it only has one leg, it’s lighter and less tiring to carry – it can even be used like a walking stick when you’re hiking in the wilderness.

However, after a few uses, most of us shooters find that using a monopod is no more stable than using it without. Also, since it only has one leg, it wobbles so much that it’s usually WORSE than shooting without one. So we haul our monopod into a spare closet and never touch it again.

That’s a big mistake! Your monopod is just as solid as a tripod, few of us have learned how to use it properly.

Generally we use it like a stick with our cameras attached to the top – rather we need to use it like a tripod!

How to use the monopod…

First… For stability, we need three legs. Like a tripod. The monopod itself is ONE leg, our own two legs, separated from the other two legs of the tripod by a little wider than shoulder width.

Second… Place the monopod far enough in front of you so that when you tilt it back and bring the camera up to your eye, it forms a 45 degree angle forward. You’ll need to elevate the monopod’s leg quite a bit to achieve the 45-degree tilt, but position it at eye level.

There’s your tripod, both legs spread to the side and the monopod leg extended forward…

Third… your camera should be attached to a pivoting mount head. Using the swivel mount, tilt the camera forward so that when you tilt the monopod leg back at a 45 degree angle to your eye, the camera is level even though the monopod is tilted back at 45 degrees.

Fourth… Then, when you’re taking photos, position yourself in a steady stance and hold your camera’s viewfinder firmly against your face. Finally you have a – virtual – tripod that is as solid as most – real – tripods. Along with the added benefit of being easier to use!

Keep an eye out for future TRIPOD tips that will make your photography easier.

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