Security when working from home

With millions of people working from home, I thought we should discuss working from home safety. In this article, I am going to discuss network security and personal security.

Network and computer security:

If you work from your home network and your computer, this is now more important than ever. When you have a closure, you can expose your company’s network. Your employer ensures that the connection to his network is via a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This creates a secure private connection directly to your company’s servers. There you will need to apply a variety of authentication measures to ensure that it is you. You may also only be able to “log in” at certain times.

Now is a good time to make sure your router is updated and you’ve changed the password. You should have a good internet security program installed on your computer and make sure that it is updated regularly.

Email is the way most systems are compromised. So make sure that your Internet Security also checks your incoming e-mails for viruses. Your online social activities are another way of introducing viruses.

Ultimately, it is you who can protect you. Do not click on links that you cannot identify as safe. Fraud links from shipping companies or online traders are currently popular. Many people may be waiting for something to order from an online retailer. So it is more likely that you will click on a link that looks like it could be the material you ordered. Take your time and look at this email. If you’re not sure if it’s safe, go straight to their website.

Personal security:

When you work from home, keep your doors locked. If your doorbell isn’t rushing to answer it, you think it’s the package you’ve been waiting for. First look through the peephole of the window or door. A doorbell camera can be a good idea during these times. When you order to take away, most delivery companies have apps that allow you to keep track of who is delivering your order.

Make sure to take breaks, run around, and do a few stretches. Talk to someone you work with. Talk on the phone, not text messages, there is nothing like the human voice to start your day and make you more awake.

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