Petroleum Engineering Graduate Jobs

By | June 27, 2022

Many people have a misconception about the petroleum engineering profession. They think that finding a job in this field is like looking for a needle in a bucket of sand, but the truth is that a multitude of job opportunities await these professionals. If you are in your high school and considering taking an engineering course, you should never be afraid to take the risk of investing in your future as a good petroleum engineer. If you already have an engineering degree, you can be assured of a job that is fun and exciting.

Here are the top job positions you may be interested in once you get your engineering degree:

Business Development Oil & Gas Mgr. – This role is all about ensuring that the project you have been assigned is successful. Not only do you need intelligence, skills and knowledge about the project, but most importantly you need good tactics to make the project work and make it a success. Expect lengthy meetings with the CEO or with the company’s customers in this position while you discuss the project and give them updates about the project. If you are the kind of person who enjoys working in the industry, then this job is definitely for you.

Oil & Gas Revenue Accountant – This position requires a minimum of one year or more experience in the exploration and production field, the work is more focused on the number of pipelines. They are tasked with ensuring that there is a complete balance between gas and liquid at the project site, whether it is sold or purchased, extracted from the ground, or imported from other countries. This is completely different from balancing an asset and liability as far as accounting is concerned, but what the 2 has in common is the need to balance all the numbers.

Petro-Physicist – As a Petro-Physicist, your job is to provide the company with a quantitative analysis of the company’s reservoirs. It is also up to you to ensure that the tools, equipment and other technological gadgets used by the company are not outdated. More importantly, you are tasked with examining and reporting on rock properties. Your main task is to help improve the company’s oil production. Some companies require an individual to have a PhD or master’s degree in physics or engineering. People who have more or less 12 years of experience in this field will never have a hard time finding work at all.

If you want a good paying job, you should consider becoming a petroleum engineer and get great financial benefits.

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