Understanding Online Associate Degrees

Online associate degrees are becoming increasingly popular these days as alternatives to more expensive undergraduate degrees for students on a budget. Many people also like associate degrees because it gives them a good education and training and gets them into the workforce faster than other types of advanced degrees; However, some people are unsure about what type of affiliate program they should consider and get confused by the different types on offer.

There are three different types of online associate degrees that are commonly offered. Associate of Sciences, Associate of Applied Sciences and Associate of Arts.

Associate of Sciences (AS): This is a program that focuses primarily on the natural sciences, such as B. Healthcare programs, computer science and graphic design combined with a core college liberal arts curriculum.

Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS): Similar to an AS, but with an emphasis on specific professional training rather than science that builds on the core curriculum. These degrees tend to be more “practical” with less theoretical instruction. Some examples would be massage therapy, crime scene investigation, paralegals and dental hygiene.

Associate of Arts (AA): The Associate of Arts is also based on a core liberal arts curriculum, but with a focus on humanities and social sciences such as psychology, sociology, and art. There is also a wide range of specializations for this course, including criminal justice, sociology, linguistics and communication sciences.

Online associates degrees can be viewed as an end goal or stepping stone. For many people, the associate degree is an end in itself; After graduating from high school and moving into professional life, they realized that they could earn more money with a degree. An associate degree is a wonderful way to increase your income potential without spending too much money. The program typically lasts eighteen months to two years and can be completed online, making the cost much cheaper than attending a typical four-year university.

For others, on the other hand, continuing education after high school is just the beginning of their educational journey. More students than ever are realizing that an associate degree is the perfect stepping stone to an eventual bachelor’s degree. There are several reasons to get an online associate degree first that make sense for students:

1: An online associate degree can be completed at your own pace and on our own schedule while you work and save some money for your education. Not only will you save money in the first two years of your education by completing your core humanities degree online, but you’ll also gain a solid foundation in your major of choice while you work.

2: You can increase your income and take a few years off with your associate degree before you get your bachelor’s degree. If you decide to study for a bachelor’s degree, you are already halfway there.

3: The programs are suitable for everyone, regardless of where they live or what their schedule is, and traditional colleges now routinely accept associate’s degree transfer from online schools.

4: Students who have served in the military often find that they can credit some of their military training toward AS and AAS degrees. In fact, active-duty military members often find that when they study in programs such as avionics, mechanics, or similar programs, they can be as much as halfway through the program based on the tuition they received in the military.

Programs that offer online associate degrees have benefits for a great many people. Consider if they are right for you.

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