Is It Better To Finish High School Or Take The GED?

Taking the GED test and obtaining a GED credential is a prudent option for adults who have dropped out of high school. The GED tests can be completed in 7.5 hours in total. Getting good grades gives you a variety of options when it comes to your academic and professional endeavors, such as: B. a hiring in a better-paying job, a promotion or a degree. It may sound tempting, but there are pros and cons to consider when deciding on a GED versus a high school diploma.

A GED diploma is considered the equivalent of a high school diploma. Passing the GED test and earning a GED credential means you have the same skills as a high school student. However, there are different requirements and different outcomes related to earning a GED diploma and a high school diploma.

Know the pros and cons

It’s apparently faster to get a GED diploma. You do this after passing a test covering the 4 subject areas of Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Reasoning through Language Arts. On the other hand, the work for the Abitur provides valuable life experiences. The GED test can be taken by adults as young as 17 who have dropped out of college and is ideal for those past high school age. Attending high school prepares students for college education, and a high school diploma is accepted both in the United States and abroad.

The disadvantages of the GED are that it tends to be a difficult exam and proof of it may not be accepted by schools and companies abroad. Studying in secondary school takes a long time to be exact, 4 years to be exact.

Who is a better candidate for the GED test?

The median age of GED test takers is 26 years old—mostly people who haven’t been to school in about 10 years. They may be embarrassed to go to school to complete their secondary education, or they may already have work and family commitments. For high school students who are at least 16 years old, taking the GED test can be an alternative way to complete it until graduation.

However, the better way out is to finish high school. Unless extreme situations force a student to drop out of high school, pursuing high school makes more sense. If you’re in a bind between finishing high school or getting the GED, it’s a wise decision to talk to a school counselor first.

Think wisely before making a decision

So if you have the ability and the means to finish high school, it is wise to do so. Attending and graduating from high school provides a student with a helpful life and hands-on experience that also contributes to their healthier social development. Likewise, although a GED is considered the equivalent of a high school diploma, employers would still prefer to hire an applicant who has the latter.

These are the pros and cons of the GED certificate over a high school diploma. Think wisely and seek sound advice before deciding on any option.

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