Interactive Whiteboard – Advantages and Disadvantages

By | November 28, 2023

The development of the interactive whiteboard started with the basic concept of the conventional whiteboard. Therefore, even the teachers who are not very familiar with modern electronic devices find it user-friendly when the interactive whiteboards come into the picture. The interactive whiteboard helps to introduce the use of e-learning. The learners understand easily. The group discussion opens up new avenues for the same topics and the lessons become more lively and interactive. The students learn to work in groups for the given project work or any task area. Even the shy student will get involved in the group work. The review or feedback is quick, and the understanding of the topic is more effective.

There is also a certain downside to this as the traditional whiteboards are much cheaper than the IWB. The price skyrockets since the IWB comes with the projector and computer set. The damaged surface of the panels requires an expensive replacement.

The view or the display in the front-projected panels could be obscured by the users.

It was also found that permanently mounted panels could be too high to reach or too low to be visible. Multiple data entries result in gibberish on the screen. In rare cases, the remote users send disruptive comments and drawings that interrupt the session.

Despite this, interactive whiteboards are more commonly used in corporate homes and educational applications. The conference and meetings can grind to a halt when basic amenities like interactive whiteboards are absent from board meetings. Speed, interactivity and multitasking are the keywords of the new era of interactive whiteboards.

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