Triathlon Training – 7 Triathlon Training Tips

If you are a beginner or just getting into triathlon, here are 7 more tips on how to train smart for triathlon:

1. Try the distance – Do a “practice session” at your own pace a week or two before the event. You will learn a lot that will help you during your race. Think of things like:

– Pace (e.g. what pace do I have to swim at to make cycling and running feasible?)

– Practice your transition strategy.

– How will you feel after riding and transitioning to running?

– Can you do the whole swim without a break? (Most pool swims allow you to rest against the wall but avoid other competitors)

2. Do some “stone” workouts – Practice transitioning from bike to run by occasionally following a long bike with a short run. Yes, it’s uncomfortable. But you can teach the body to adapt and it can become more comfortable (well, at least everything hurts the same way).

3. Don’t overdo the week leading up to the event. A rested body performs best. Don’t sit through a hard workout the week of your first race. If you feel like you need more workouts before your first event, skip this one and sign up for one next month.

4. Don’t be surprised by a hilly or challenging course. Train on similar terrain.

5. Know the course. How do you enter and exit the transition area (swim to bike and bike to swim – sometimes in different locations)? Where are the turning points? When you know what to expect, your day will be a lot easier. Also know the rules – the USAT website published them.

6. Don’t try anything new on race day. No new breakfast or new triathlon shorts. Use your racing suit in your training – especially during your training event. Use feeding options you know you can eat and equipment you’re used to.

7. Check the bike carefully before racing. Pay particular attention to the following:

– tire pressure

– Check brakes for dragging

– Make sure that the handlebars, profile bars and saddle are tight

– Check that the bike shifts correctly – put the bike in the gear you want to start riding in (experience a hill first – if so, you need the bike in an easy gear). So when you grab the bike, you’ll be ready.

Hopefully these triathlon training tips will help you prepare for your next race. For more Triathlon Training Tips check out my website.

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