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What is motorcycle riding gear?

Motorbike riding gear

Keep your daredevil spirit, but smart!

Motorcycling needs full protection. In order to ensure road safety and avoid fatal accidents, a driver should pad well. Motorcycle equipment includes protective clothing and helmets. Protective covers include special types of jackets, gloves, boots, and pants.

Motorcycle clothing cannot be taken lightly as nowadays many countries have defined laws that require the wearing of motorcycle clothing.

Typically, these riding outfits are made of leather or special man-made fabrics like Cordura or Kevlar.

Let’s find out more about horseback riding gear, shall we?

Various components of riding equipment

Ideally, riding gear consists of five components – helmet, riding jacket, breeches, gloves and riding boots.


This is the most important component of riding gear as it protects the most important part of the body – the head. It is necessary that you invest in a quality helmet. Look out for the ISI mark that ensures quality and protection.

Serious bikers with racing spirit should opt for helmets certified by “DOT” or “SNELL”, these helmets are in fact a requirement for the racers to participate in the racing events conducted under the supervision of FMSCI.

When speculating on a helmet, make sure it fits your head perfectly. Also check the visibility factor. The visor of the helmet should be scratch-free and avoid a dark visor when driving at night.

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riding jackets

You may have seen many motorcyclists putting on cool leather jackets to get that tough biker look. Well, he might have scored a 10 on the swag scale, but not on the safety meter.

Whether you’re heading out on a long bike ride into Ladakh or taking part in a heart rate measurement race, wearing a riding jacket, and we don’t mean the plain leather jackets, is essential. A good, sturdy jacket will protect you from the elements, as well as in the event of accidents and breakdowns.

These riding jackets are designed to protect your elbows, shoulders, spine and chest. They are roughly divided into two categories – the expensive “leather” jackets and the affordable “mesh” jackets. Some of the most popular riding jackets in India are Cramster jackets, Yamaha jackets and DSG jackets.

For safety reasons, buying a quality riding jacket is a long-term investment. Choose an all-weather jacket that fits your body snugly and is bright in color. It should be made of reflective material with adequate ventilation. And it should contain the certified armor.

See “How to choose the right riding jackets” for more information


The bottom line is YES! You are very important! Most riders make the mistake of substituting breeches for jeans. But let us tell you, there’s more to leg protection than you think.

The beast, i.e. your bike, is mainly controlled by your legs. Use your legs to shift and change the bike gear, not forgetting to balance when you are at rest. Now consider that when you fall and fall, your legs scrape with minimal protection and hurt the knee to the maximum, a part that helps in your daily activities like walking, sitting, climbing stairs, etc.

So you see why breeches are important. In addition, the waterproof property of the trousers also protects you from rain. Just a few pointers: buy breeches that fit you comfortably and have enough breathable space. The pants should properly protect your thighs, knees and lower legs.

riding gloves

Another important part of the riding equipment are the riding gloves. Like the jackets, the riding gloves are made of either leather or mesh. However, experts recommend the leather gauntlets for better defense.

Good riding gloves should protect your knuckles, palms and other sensitive parts. They must not impede operation and should enable regular maneuvering without any problems. Also make sure there is adequate ventilation.

For riding in hot, humid climates, look for gloves with perforations, while for winter riding, choose gloves with adequate insulation and a waterproof lining. Full gauntlet riding gloves are recommended for competitive racing and riding in extreme conditions.

Take a look at the “Expert Riding Gloves Buyer’s Guide”

riding boots

Last but not least, there is a pair of sturdy riding boots. Serious cycling, and we’re not referring to city commuter bikes, requires solid riding boots. Driving in simple slippers or shoes can be quite risky.

That’s correct! The fact that you ride in shoes is not enough. Long-distance bike tours require suitable ankle boots with additional protection on the toes. Proper riding boots are made of strong leather that is tough and can take abuse.

They have built-in armor to ensure optimal foot protection. Another reason to invest in a durable pair of boots is that the constant shifting can tear or scratch your boots. These special cycling boots also have a special rubber placed in the place where changing gears can cause damage.

When buying riding boots, make sure they fit snugly but don’t restrict the free flow of blood. Also, it shouldn’t be too loose that your feet wobble in it. If you compare your riding experience with and without these special riding boots, you will understand that there is a difference!

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And these are the different riding clothes that complete your riding clothes. A good fit and comfort are two sides of the same coin and we should keep that in mind when buying motorcycle clothing. Now we strongly recommend you to buy these horse riding equipment first hand, like go to the store and try each of them before you decide. It’s good to remember that comfort comes before swag!

Aside from this basic riding gear, there are various riding accessories that you may need such as riding goggles, biker patches, mobile mounts, motorcycle maintenance and others.

You can add these accessories to your gear set as needed. But the five main components of the ascending gear are an absolute necessity!

That being said, here are some top online sites where you can window shop your riding gear.

The best online sites for horse riding equipment

If you are an online shopping junkie and want to know where to find the best horse riding gear online, here is a list of the best online horse riding gear sites in India.


Planet DSG

Royal Enfield store

bike equipment

Superbike shop



Spartan pro gear

outdoor travel gear


PGS cycling equipment

Save 4 drivers

Well, for some of us, as newcomers to the motorcycle world, the prices of these motorcycle gear may come as a shock. But remember, you can’t put a price tag on security. For a few thousand, try not to compromise on quality and comfort.

Setting off to explore the unseen around you and discovering the unknown within you may sound allusive. But venturing out with minimal security precautions seems foolish. As you trek across different terrains, through busy streets and busy crowds, you can’t imagine what might hit you. In order to be able to enjoy the adrenaline rush accident-free, it is therefore imperative that you are roadworthy!

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