E-business and its advantages

E-business and its advantages

Whether online or offline, customers in today’s marketplace want quality products and information delivered quickly and easily. I’ve typed it before and I’ll type it again, the main advantage of the Internet is speed and convenience. Therefore, e-business, which uses the Internet as the heart of doing business, can help make a company more customer-friendly, among many other things, e.g. B. to create a more efficient exchange of information and/or products and services.

1. Removes location and availability restrictions

Users do not have to be in the same physical location as an e-business, and the exchange of information and transactions can take place anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world with Internet access. A physical location is limited by its size and restricted to the customers who can get there, while an online store has a global marketplace where customers and information seekers are already queuing.

2. Reduces the time and money spent

E-business often requires a reduction in costs to complete traditional business transactions. Many of these traditional business approaches can be eliminated and replaced by electronic means, which are often easier to implement and less expensive. For example, compare the cost of sending 100 direct mails (paper, postage, staff and all) to sending a bulk email. Also consider the cost of paying rent at a physical location versus the cost of maintaining an online site.

3. Increases customer service

With e-business, customers get a highly customizable service and communication is often more effective. Online support offers much more flexibility, availability and faster response times. For example, consider the speed of email inquiries and live chats compared to phone calls, especially when the store is closed during the day. There is also a faster delivery cycle with online sales, which helps strengthen the customer/business relationship. The Internet is a powerful channel to reach new markets and communicate information to customers and partners. A better understanding of your customers helps improve customer satisfaction.

4. Gives competitive advantage

The Internet is opening up a brand new marketplace for companies going online. Competition over the Internet is increasing with the growth of the Internet itself, and if you wait too long to get online you can lose your place in the queue entirely. Easy access to real-time information is a key advantage of the Internet, enabling a business to provide more efficient and valid information and helping to gain a competitive advantage over businesses that are not online.

Although e-business involves risk, as with most business decisions, there is also the risk of not being able to adapt to the changing times. Change is inevitable in today’s market and should be embraced with open arms and open locations!

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