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By | July 15, 2022

Holistic education is a hot topic these days. From holistic schools to holistic certification programs, there are seemingly endless opportunities to receive a holistic education. But which one is right for you and how do you choose it?

When I work with a client who is looking for holistic training, we typically focus on 3 things:

1) What do you want to learn? This means more than just “acupuncture” or “homeopathy”. It means understanding what kind of information you want to receive and how you will use it. For example, if you’re a doctor and interested in learning more about herbs to see if you’d like to use them in your practice, you might want to start a weekend herbal program to learn the basics. On the other hand, if you know you want to work with individuals who prescribe herbs, you should probably look into a natropathic or herbal certification program.

2) Next, let’s look at how they will integrate school into their schedule. Would you like to attend evening courses, day courses or weekend courses, for example? Do you want more self-study? It is important to check before looking into schools to save time in school selection.

3) Next we look at the format or formats that the student might prefer. Do you want to learn in person, are you more comfortable with teleclasses (and will you learn what you need in a teleclass as some holistic courses involve hands-on work), do you want a more experiential program, or are you more of a book? Learners and would also like to work in a college-like atmosphere or more in a small group format.

Once you have identified the above points, you can start exploring schools and their options. Take your time, ask the important questions, and choose a program you enjoy, not just the easiest or least expensive. Enjoying your education is an important part of the journey. I wish you every success in your endeavors!~

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