Get Ahead With Distance Learning


Whether you want to advance in your current career or make a fresh start, distance learning gives you the flexibility to study what you want, when you want.

The range of courses available is vast – pick an interest and there is likely to be a course that will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to pursue a career, whether as an employee or by starting your own company.


Let’s look at just a few of the distance learning course options:

Economics and Management – A broad and diverse subject area with courses covering key skills that can be applied in almost any business environment. Learn how to manage money, or how to use marketing and sales techniques in different environments, or learn people management techniques.

Web Design – Creative options for those who have an eye for design and want to either expand existing skills or start with the basics of HTML and similar languages ​​and techniques.

Teaching Assistant – As an entry point into the teaching profession or a career path in itself, a teaching assistant qualification provides the childcare, learning and support knowledge needed to get started.

Health and Beauty – A growing field that includes beauty therapy, holistic treatments and salon management. A qualification in this field will give you the skills needed to practice in this field and can be a very practical approach to finding a job.


When you feel it’s time to improve your prospects, with planning and determination, the world is your oyster.

When you have an interest in a subject, it’s much easier to learn, which means the right course can be accessible to even the most textbook-phobic student! The range of part-time courses is huge and allows you to build on your existing interests and skills and apply them in the workplace.

In a competitive job market, it’s your qualifications and transferable skills that will make the difference in getting noticed or getting your resume on the ‘no’ pile. To ensure you land on some “yes” stacks and get invited to an interview, get the right qualifications and learn to sell your skills – what have you learned? – Why did you choose the topics? – How will you apply these skills and knowledge in the workplace?


There is always something new to learn and acquiring knowledge is a natural part of being human, but when you learn to apply knowledge in a structured and purposeful way, there is a real opportunity to make something out of nothing.

Whether you have dreamed of starting your own business or have not thought about it before, it could be the way to go. Decide if you have the ideas, drive and organizational skills to apply your skills and knowledge in a profitable business. If you think you have what it takes, qualify and start networking! It’s a scary word for many, but all it means is making and nurturing relevant, useful contacts that you can lean on for advice and service. And word of mouth is the most valuable way to get your name out there.

Seize the opportunity to get started alone or with like-minded colleagues – but first acquire the appropriate basic knowledge and make contacts, then it’s time to plan, plan, plan!

Distance learning gives you endless opportunities.

Thanks to Polly Bale

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