7 pillars of marketing management

By | July 11, 2022

Marketing management refers to the process of planning effective marketing strategies, advertising and promoting the products and services, and managing the sale to reach the customers so that the company can make immense profits. The companies are therefore looking for accomplished candidates who can act as marketing managers and lead the organizations to the pinnacle of success. Managers can ensure effective marketing management by observing these 7 parameters that serve as pillars of marketing:

  1. branding

    Establishing a brand makes every company unique. The brand’s products and services should be geared towards people’s needs. Extensive research should be conducted to understand customers’ needs and robust strategies should be devised to make the brand for the people.

  2. brand visibility

    One of the best marketing strategies is to spend on promotions. The visibility of the products and services is essential to reach the intended customers. Promoting the brand both offline and online with tons of ads is key to reach millions of target customers. The increase in visibility can be guaranteed by placing online ads, social media activities or banners, etc.

  3. authority

    Companies with authority earn consumer trust faster. It shows the authenticity of the company and the value it can offer to customers. An authority cannot be set up overnight, but built up step by step. To build authority, the companies should have their website and blogs.

  4. social presence

    This is the modern way of marketing. Being active on social networking sites and finding out about new company projects, products or brands can raise awareness and lead to growth in the company. Promoting the products on social networking sites can lead to a drastic increase in business. It improves brand visibility.

  5. campaigns

    Educating customers about what the brand offers can dramatically increase sales. Convincing buyers that the product meets their needs is the best way to increase sales. Campaigns should be run from time to time to promote the products and services.

  6. customer service

    Responsive customer service gives customers a good impression of your brand. A seasoned marketing manager knows how important customer service is to their business. Solid customer service tells customers why they should buy the same product or different products from the company again. Customer services can be conducted via email, telephone or through personal interaction with customers.

  7. Measuring the effectiveness of all strategies

    This is the final pillar of effective marketing management. This step determines whether the business is on track or not. If sales aren’t great or the business isn’t growing, then the areas where marketing strategies are lacking should be identified. Marketing managers should analyze the effectiveness of marketing strategies and provide appropriate feedback to the team to make improvements in key areas.

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