How to set up a computer training center for students of higher institutions


The use of computers as part of information technology has become an important tool used in supporting life’s challenges in our daily activities at home, school or office. Some people today are limited to the basic values ​​and the vast possibilities of information technology available to them, but are only interested in using the computer for only some “dubious” internet purposes. The world we live in is inherently very dynamic as new ideas, innovations and computer education concepts are introduced at all levels to solve human problems in all fields.

The challenges faced by fresh graduates with little or no required computer skills are always disappointed as most employers look for these talented computer literate graduates. Some of the graduates leave university without these skills, although some programs have introduced them in their schools. Without exaggerating, experience has shown that graduates find it difficult to succeed as entrepreneurs unless they have computer skills/applications or can prove their work efficiency in the latest information technology of the corporate world as employees. Universities and private organizations need to look inward to provide students not only with the theoretical aspect of learning but also relevant skills in computer internships.

The essence of making the use of computer training a reality for all college students and faculty is to equip these young minds with additional skills to face the challenges of work during and after school life. Second, the program also acts as a medium to prepare students to use these computer skills to become self-employed and to be an asset to the society to which they belong. Therefore, all students, especially the graduates of these institutions, should not be left out in this wonderful experience, as we highlight the usefulness of this program.


1. It empowers the students/graduates to become self-employed with their relevant computer skills, which would help to reduce unemployment.

2. Through these media, the university/organization would have an equipped facility to run the program from time to time.

3. It would also make our graduates sellable and the faculty competent in their areas of excellence.

4. It would convey the good image of the institution or organization.

5. The introduction of the computer program would generate revenue for the university or organization as the case may be.

6. On the part of the students, the training fees would be very affordable compared to external prices.

7. In addition, this initiative would also help government at all levels to achieve its goals in the ongoing National Skills and Acquisition Programme.


The aim of this program is suggested to cover all students and interested faculty of the institution to equip them with the basic practical skills of computer recognition before and after their graduation, which would be a continuous process within the complex.

In addition, we intend to achieve the following objectives of this program;

• Improving the general skills of students and lecturers in dealing with computers/applications.

• To develop their writing skills and English grammar skills, which will help them in their research and reporting.

• Learn basic mathematical and statistical functions useful for presenting and analyzing your work data in tables and graphs for better understanding.

• Know how to design and present information or reports using slides for seminar presentations or project defenses, which would help both the lecturer and the students.

• Knowing how to use the Internet for scientific research, publishing journals or articles, and transmitting electronic mail (e-mail).

• It would serve as an opportunity for researchers and scholars to conduct their project/dissertation work online with useful results.


Training in basic computer understanding and use includes, but is not limited to:

• Microsoft Word/Word Processor

•Microsoft Excel

• Microsoft PowerPoint

• Microsoft Access

• Microsoft Outlook

• Networking, repairs and maintenance

•Internet applications


The challenges of this program may not be limited to the following;

• Student engagement and awareness

• Resource personnel

• Sufficient power supply

• Venue

•Other logistics:

– General awareness

– Study materials

– Collection of registration fees

– Various editions etc.


The period of the computer program would cover a period of one to two months for a specific group of participants, depending on the agreement, during all the first semesters of the academic sessions.


The organizers need to hire experienced trainers in specialized IT fields who are very knowledgeable and skilled in training the students in the use of computer skills/applications. In addition, the recruitment of an administrative manager and an accounting officer would be required to ensure that the Center’s organization and accountability function efficiently and effectively.


The venue of the computer program should be at a location designated by the university. The data center must be equipped with standard central processing units (CPU) with desktop monitors of at least 30 sets with split units installed to create a learning environment.


The organization’s management should create an affordable fixed fee for educating the students (subject to verification) in order to attract a large crowd. Also, there should be a separate fee for registration, ID cards and study materials for participants.


It is important that the students, faculty and institutions take training in computer appreciation very seriously by improving their competency skills so that they can differentiate themselves from their peers as the world evolves through science and technology. Organizing a computer program center for the students would no doubt bridge the gap between the appreciation of computers and the lack of information technology among our youth in this part of the country as they face the challenges of the job market and the ability to interact with their compatriots after graduation outside world.

Finally, the most valuable thing is to include the computer appreciation training program in the university curriculum for students in general, especially for those with degrees loan as we cannot leave our leaders of tomorrow behind as knowledge of information technology is a huge advantage.

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