Primary School Activities – CLT Fun Learning Experiences in Action

By | July 4, 2022

Communicative Language Lessons or CLT is one of the best ways to learn the language. Student interactions through varied activities make learning both fun and meaningful. Here are tips:

1. Human Bingo

Each student has an activity sheet that contains words or phrases that describe a person, say a math wizard, has a friend abroad, likes to read, likes to eat out, etc. They have to use the language while interacting with their classmates . Once they discover that a classmate matches the description, they would write their name in the description box. Then find another student, have a short chat, and so on. After completing the activity sheet, they submit it to the teacher; The teacher would then announce the winner. Variations can be applied here. You could do the activity in the gymnasium or in the multipurpose hall or outdoors.

2. Draw your guardian angel

Yes, children love to paint. And they would love it even more if they had the opportunity to show their own creativity and imagination. Here the teacher has to provide the materials, eg the questions to be asked to a learning partner. But once they get used to it, they could then formulate their own questions.

Through Q/A, a pair of students can draw an angel. In other words, one wonders: Does your angel have a “halo”? Does she/he have wings? The other, instead of answering verbally, draws. Then he explains his drawing to his learning partner; then swap roles. Variations could be: draw your monster, your favorite fruit, your teacher, etc.

3. Interview star students

Suppose a child is good at math. Naturally, his classmates would love to hear about his secret study habits. He then takes the middle seat while his classmates sit around him and ask questions like: “What makes you tick as a student?”, “What are your study habits?” etc. The questions asked must be related to the topic or the skills of the students. Variations could be: a new student at school, a minor champion, a new class president, and the like.

4. Create/describe a scene

The teacher explains the mechanics of the activity. Suppose, while haggling at the night market—the customer keeps asking for a discount on an item—and tells a few tall tales about the item that he believes would devalue the item. Dumb or deaf, the shopkeeper doesn’t murmur a word; just let the haggler do the talking. Then the teacher says “freeze”; call another student to describe the scenario. Variations could be: real life situations like fiesta, baptism, earthquake scenario or similar.

Such activities would definitely make your classes boring and exciting.

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