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Playing a game and learning a language at the same time is one of the best things ever (una delle cose migliori in assoluto!) I will try to give my candid opinion on the Memrise vs Duolingo conversation.

The 19th-century Italian author Giovanni Pascoli says in Il Fanciullino (The Eternal Child): “È dentro noi un fanciullino che non solo ha brividi [… ] ma lagrime ancora e tripudi suoi” [… ] “si pone in contact with the world attraverso l’immaginazione e la sensibilità. In tal modo, scopre aspetti nuovi e misteriosi, che “sfuggono ai nostri sensi e alla nostra ragione”.

(“There’s a little kid inside of us who doesn’t just have chills [… ] but still tears and rejoicing” [… ] “She approaches the world through imagination and sensitivity. In doing so, she discovers new and mysterious aspects that lie ‘beyond our senses and our minds.'”)

I think that explains why I never got over gaming!

Duolingo and Memrise are two of my favorite platforms for gamified online languages ​​because they are fun and free (divertenti e gratis). Both are effective at building vocabulary for beginners, strengthening vocabulary you already know and complementing a primary learning method.

Duolingo is presented with leaderboards, trophies, unlockable levels and points. Its academic structure allows you to practice vocabulary and syntax (praticare il vocabolario e la sintassi). The lessons are in-depth and give you the foundation for more serious learning. It supports audio, although the pronunciation is not always correct. Much of the learning occurs in the form of quizzes that frequently alternate between testing, speaking, listening, and writing. It has almost everything (ha quasi tutto). If only conversational skills were integrated!

But Memrise is my favorite between the two as it allows me to “plant and water” (seminare e annaffiare) my words. A metaphor to remind you to water/practice the language regularly if you want it to grow. But even as a visual learner, I find using mnemonics very helpful (molto utile) while learning Chinese. In fact, I was able to recognize and pronounce the numbers 1-100 in just 2 days! It uses audio and spacing repeats which are a must when learning languages. And of course it also gives you points for your progress so you get a sense of accomplishment.

In summary on the Memrise vs Duolingo argument m… they are both great language tools that we are very fortunate to have these days. They make real life experiences more accessible with native speakers and more immersive tools like watching movies, reading books and newspapers.

Have you tried them and if so, which ones do you prefer? preferred qualification? What works for one person doesn’t always work for another… So get in comments section and let me know what you think of the Memrise vs Duolingo Debate!

Thanks to Mirella Colalillo | #Memrise #Duolingo

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