5 mistakes to avoid when buying clothes online

By | July 3, 2022

Online shopping is the ‘thing’ these days and there are plenty of websites that will lure you into buying fashion online, but there isn’t one that would guide you – by teaching the basics of buying online.

Assuming you’ve packed all the details about the need to buy your clothes online, here we go over the top 10 mistakes to avoid when shopping online.

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Stop rushing the math – Math has never been cool, especially for me – so for those like me or anyone else I suggest you understand the math behind the discounts and offers. Take your time – understand the cost, discount and do some calculations; Trust me you will never go wrong.

Stop buying things you already have – The problem with most women is that they tend to buy whatever they like – even if they already have plenty of it, which is never a savvy shopper’s trait. So you must immediately stop buying the things you already have – remember there will be another day to buy something new the next day.

Buy things without comparing costs online – Okay, let’s admit that the clothes you buy online are more or less the same in all stores, but since your friend brought them from a certain store, you buy them there without knowing what discount the other one has offers. Make sure you compare costs online and only buy things after you have compared their costs. This is always helpful as you might be able to buy a certain thing cheaper and maybe save enough money for some chocolates!

Don’t check the size details – The craziest and certainly most embarrassing thing women do is not to check the size of the clothes they buy online. Okay, I’ll admit I’ve done this more than ten times and I’m still learning. So when you buy a specific piece online, be sure to check the measurements and understand whether or not it fits your body type.

Never ignore the shipping costs – Yes, please! Don’t ignore the shipping costs; Know what you’re paying for and make sure you’re making the right choice. Sometimes online stores tend to charge shipping costs if you choose cash on delivery option. It is important to ask yourself whether or not it is reasonable to pay this amount.

With these five points above on the mistakes to avoid when buying clothes online, you will surely become a savvy shopper and as said, you might be able to save some money on dark chocolate and pizza too.

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