Jobs in Education – Top 10 High Paying Jobs in Education

By | June 22, 2022

Education jobs these days pay well, and if you can stick to the standards, you have a bright future ahead of you. There are many low-paying jobs in education, but if you have the necessary qualifications, you can opt for a high-paying job. A lot of money is pumped into education these days. Higher education jobs pay well and require college degrees and even advanced degrees. These are the 10 highest paying education jobs you can apply for.


You would be responsible for running a school and would be involved in overseeing the curriculum and creating an environment for student improvement. As a school leader, you must bring a lot of experience of working as a teacher. According to statistics from the employment office, the principals enjoyed high pay.

Special Education Teacher

Jobs in education also have openings for special education teachers. This is also among the most chosen careers in education. You don’t have to create individual educational plans and the job pays very well.

Academic Director

Education jobs as well as government education jobs include the post of Chief Academic Officer. You are responsible for monitoring all university courses and clarifying differences between employees and between the various departments.

assistant professor

Teaching can be a paid profession and the money also depends on the pay standards of the state you are in. You would need to have a PhD in your field and regularly publish articles and essays on your topic.


This is a senior university position and the pay is usually very high and can increase depending on the type of university you work for. When people look for higher education jobs, they usually apply for the position of a professor who is knowledgeable in a subject and has published work to his credit. You might have research students pursuing their dissertation under you, and you should also aggressively manage the research department.


You can teach online, and these education jobs typically don’t require you to work away from home. You can work from home and assign students to different subjects, or even customize classes for college students and graduate students who are pursuing their careers in a specific subject.


This is one of the most sought-after jobs in schools and is well suited to many aspiring education professionals.


Counseling students requires some skill as many of them are unsure of which subject to choose as an elective. You are meant to guide them after assessing their skills and individual passion for subjects.

Post-secondary teachers

There are post-secondary teachers from coast to coast earning a median income in excess of $80,000 per year. Creating assignments and tests and designing syllabuses would be your job as a post-secondary teacher.

school psychologist

They must assess any behavioral problems, latent or apparent, in the students and, in consultation with the students and parents, refer them to psychologists. This is a very high paying position among education jobs.

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