Zoom MRI 3 in test! How does the Zoom Micro drum machine compare to the rest?

Although the Zoom Micro Drum Machine (Zoom MRT-3 Rhythm Trak) weighs less than a pound and a half, this thing is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

With 396 preset patterns, 99 user patterns, and 99 songs, the Zoom MRT 3B drum machine can accompany your voice, guitar, or other instrument right out of the box!

Of course, if you enjoy creating your own drumbeats, the Zoom Rhythmtrak MRT 3B is for you, and then some! How do 199 sound sources, 50 preset kits and 20 user kits captivate you?

Add to that the fact that this thing is completely portable and you have a pretty excellent beat machine at your disposal. It takes 4 AA alkaline batteries to power the Zoom MRT 3 continuously for a full 15 hours! This is great for the street musician as well as anyone who likes to take their music to the streets!

And the sound quality is pretty great. Very rich and realistic sounding drum voices (comparable to the Alesis SR-16) coupled with absolute ease of use make this one of the best beat machines money can buy. This is especially true if you run it through the right type of reinforcement. I recommend any of the Roland KC (keyboard combo) amps…these things were born to get the most out of your drum machine!

As far as the cost of the Zoom Micro Rhythm Trak drum machine goes, it’s pretty reasonable for the quality you get. 10 years ago this thing would have cost you several hundred dollars (if the technology existed) – but today you can buy a brand new model for less than a hundred dollars.

This is one of the easiest to understand drum machines in the world. There is nothing intimidating or “technical” about the Zoom MRT3B Micro Rhythmtrak. Just plug and play – and even plugging in is optional, thanks to battery-powered capabilities!

Of course, this drum machine doesn’t have some of the incredible instrumental capabilities of its big brother, the Zoom RT-23 RhythmTrak, like bass guitars and human beatbox tones… but we’re obviously looking for something a little different in this price range here! However, if you have the extra $50 or so to spare, you might be better off opting for the “Full Meal Deal” that comes with the RT 23.

The Micro Rhythm Trak is definitely worth a look if you like great functionality coupled with true simplicity…and portability. Fantastic little drum machine and excellent value for money!

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