The 5 coupling classes and their maximum load capacities

With the right trailer hitch, you can turn your vehicle into a towing vehicle suitable for touring! But in order to choose the right trailer hitch, you must first learn which hitch class suits your towing vehicle. In fact, it’s also important to consider a few additional factors that affect the class of hitch you need for your towing purposes. First, consult your towing vehicle’s owner’s manual and the same owner’s manual for your trailer. The manual for your towing vehicle specifies the maximum nose weight (TW) and the permissible total weight of the trailer (GTW).

TW = Total weight resting directly on the hitch.

GTW= Total mass of your trailer, including hardware and cargo.

Once you have this information you will have an easier time choosing the right towbar for your towing needs. You can also contact a local towing and salvage company for professional towing service if you are unsure about setting up your own scaffolding. For now, read on to learn the average towing capacities for all 5 hitch classes.

hitch classes

A variety of towbars are available on the market, each with different features and capacities for different towing applications and trailer types. However, all towbars can be divided into 5 classes, which are labeled Class 1 to Class 5 respectively. Below is a guide to their maximum towing capacities. Generally Roman numerals are used for towbar classes (ie Class I, Class II, Class III, Class IV and Class V) but we have used numbers for ease of understanding.

Class 1:

GTW = 2,000 lbs.

TW = 200 pounds.

2nd grade:

Total weight = 3,500 lbs.

TW = 300 pounds.

Class 3:

Total weight = 5,000 pounds.

TW = 350 – 600 pounds.

Class 4:

Total weight = 10,000 pounds.

TW = 600 – 1,800 lbs.

Class 5:

GTW = 10,000+ pounds.

TW = 600 – 1,800 lbs.

Additional tow bar considerations

Now that you know each hitch class and their towing capacity, you can easily work out which class you need for your trailer. Remember that you must also match all other components of the tow assembly with your correct class of hitch, including the ball mount. When it comes to choosing a towbar manufacturer, be sure to read customer testimonials and product reviews before making a final purchase. With so many manufacturers and brands to choose from, it can be overwhelming when it comes time to make a purchasing decision. Just trust the recent reviews and find out about the return policy and you should be fine!

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