Palau Community College – Meeting The Education Needs Of Palau Republic

By | January 6, 2024

Palau Community College, part of the College Directory, was founded in 1969. Its beginnings date back to a trade school that functioned from 1927 as part of the pre-WWII Japanese administration. Originally this college started with only a small number of students as part of a professional education program on campus with very limited facilities. In April 1993, this Micronesian vocational center evolved into Palau Community College.

This college is an important part of the college directories and is located in the Republic of Palau. It is one of the few sources of higher education in this nation. The Republic of Palau is an archipelago in the south-east of the Philippines. It was part of the US administration but became independent in 1978. A search for a university shows that it is a place accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. This college covers an area of ​​around 30 hectares.


This is a co-ed college and operates on the semester system with around 650 students who are part of this college at one time. Palau Community College has three schools that are part of the college directories in this region. These schools include the School of Sciences and Arts, the Business School, and the Technical Education School.

Departments and courses offered

Certificates of completion, certificates of achievement and associate degrees are offered in this college in fourteen different fields according to the needs of the Micronesian community. It offers programs and certifications in areas such as criminal justice, education, library and information service, environmental and marine sciences, nursing, and humanities in the arts and sciences school. The business school offers courses in the fields of tourism, business administration, business accounting, office administration and information technology. The Technical Vocational School offers programs in nine different areas, including automotive mechanics, electrical engineering, and civil engineering, among others.

library and other facilities

A university search of the Palau Community College library reveals that this library is the official repository of the United Nations and the World Health Organization, among other organizations. It has an extensive collection of documents, materials and CD-ROMs totaling over 26000 items. This makes it the largest library in the Republic of Palau. The college can accommodate between one hundred and 120 students on campus. This college also offers facilities known as continuing education for individuals who wish to improve their skills between occupations or acquire new skills and also offers special summer programs.

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