Choosing the Structured English Immersion Endorsement Course for Your Learning Style & Your Schedule

Perhaps you are new to teaching in Arizona and have just been told by your principal or staff representative that you need a structured 45-hour English immersion course. Maybe you knew all along that you were in your teacher prep program and you put it off for as long as possible.

Anyway, if you’re reading this article, you probably need an SEI course ASAP and are looking for one that actually teaches you something to use with your students. You may even be looking for the most painless way to achieve this.

Features of the SEI Program

First, let me tell you what Arizona Structured English Immersion is – and isn’t. Let’s start with what it isn’t. This could help you save lots of time and frustration while fulfilling the requirement.

What SEI in Arizona is not –

  • It does not apply to the confirmation requirements of the other two states that have structured or protected English immersion – MA and CA. Each state has its own way of addressing its requirements.

  • It is not English as a second language or bilingual education.

  • It’s not actually language immersion like we might think of French immersion or dual language immersion

Which SEI in AZ is –

  • It’s a great way to learn how to teach English learners.

  • It is a focused time to give students a great start in English at their level.

  • It helps you understand how to reach English learners when you’re teaching in a regular classroom – without feeling like you’re teaching two different programs.

What you should consider before deciding on an SEI course

Before enrolling in a Structured English Endorsement Class, the two most important things to consider are 1) your schedule for attending the course and 2) your learning style.

Timeline: If you only have a week or two to complete the course, are a busy parent, or if you’re looking to get started but don’t want to complete the course on a schedule, consider a true self-paced online course. This gives you the flexibility to control the time it takes to complete your SEI course requirements.

learning style: Do you enjoy interacting with other teachers from across the state, listening to their ideas, and learning together? Then take part in an interactive face-to-face course. On the other hand, if you enjoy using a computer to get things done, by all means choose an online course!

In any case, be sure to choose a company that is approved by the State Board of Education. As great as a course can be, no one wants to do it twice.

Finally, make sure you choose an education company that teaches you research-based strategies to reach your students where they are without having to make any guesses. You will feel safe and your students will thrive!

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