Istanbul, Turkey

The city of Istanbul in Turkey is sometimes referred to as “Constantinople”. The city is the largest city in Turkey both in terms of area and number of inhabitants. Istanbul has approximately 12.6 million inhabitants within its borders. The city is considered Turkey’s most important platform and hub for culture, architecture, history and financial strategies. Istanbul comprises a total of 39 districts. Istanbul is the city that lies on two different continents. The covered area of ​​Istanbul is approximately 707 square miles, making the city the fifth largest in the world in terms of population density livers per square mile. The location of the city of Istanbul is the northwest side of the Marmara region in Turkey.

Turkey has very mild summers with a high level of humidity, but winters are very cold, windy and there is very often snow in the city in the winter season. Istanbul is slightly hot and muggy from May to September. The city has a humidity of about 79%. Winters start in October and last until April. The city mainly receives rain and snow during the months of December, January, February and March. The maximum temperature in summer can be as high as 25 degrees, while in summer it can also drop below freezing mostly at night.

Economically, Istanbul is a very strong city as it has a very high impact on the overall Turkish economy. Istanbul is the city that is very rich in cotton, tobacco, silk and many other products. Istanbul has also gained economic importance, since it houses all of Turkey’s seaports as well as international airports. Istanbul has some of Turkey’s most important industries including rubber, metal goods, chemicals, leather, transportation vehicle industry, glass and many others. The city also generates its income from the tourism office.

Istanbul also plays an important role in education as the city has a number of private and public institutions that enjoy a high reputation worldwide. The city has nearly 20 universities, allowing students to specialize in many different fields. Public sector entities are preferred in the city due to their good results and reputation. The “Istanbul University” was founded in 1453 and is considered the oldest university in Turkey. Since then, it has been offering quality education not only to students from Turkey but also to students from different parts of the world. Besides Istanbul University, “Istanbul Technical University” is also of great importance as it is the third oldest university in the world in the field of technology, founded in 1773.

In terms of sports, Istanbul and Turkey have started to dominate sports such as football, basketball and volleyball. Ataturk Stadium is the largest stadium in Turkey. The stadium has the honor of hosting the 2005 UEFA Champions League final between Liverpool FC of England and AC Milan of Italy. Istanbul is also very famous for hosting many types of motor racing events. Of these, the “Formula 1 Grand Prix of Turkey” is the most important.

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