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Creating a targeted prospecting strategy

Creating a targeted prospecting strategy is the number one prospecting problem faced by salespeople from Richardson Co.’s most recent 2017 survey. The survey was divided into 6 categories; Prospecting, Negotiating, Closing, Buyers Decisions, Productivity and Team Selling and I commend them for their research and efforts. In the next few articles, I will share with… Read More »

The traditional way of doing business

The traditional way of doing business has been distorted by technological advances. Various social networking sites have popped up as the internet gains a wider following. Business owners have decided to choose email as the best way to communicate with their business partners, which means those who had jobs in this category have become unemployed.… Read More »

“Will Samuel”

‘Will’ “From Philly’s Finest” Philadelphia, “E Pluribus Unum”, – “Out of the Many, One!” Unlike in other cities, life for many people was more social, despite massive gentrification, politicization, politicized racial polarization, anarchy, crime, capitalization, gun pollution, gun addiction, drug addiction disease, hunger and homelessness well, incarceration, drug kingpins and gangs, police brutality and corruption,… Read More »

How technology has made our lives easier

Technology meaning: Technology has made tremendous advances over the years. It has helped us in many ways. There is nothing in our daily life that can be done without the use of technology. It is simply impossible to avoid the effects of technology, be they positive or negative. Technology has proven that we cannot ignore… Read More »

The importance of e-books

E-books are virtual books used to display information on any subject on the digital medium. This has made it easier for Internet users to publish any kind of information. It is easy to create these electronic books on the Internet. This format is accessible and portable across multiple platforms. Computer users can access these digital… Read More »

Top 8 School Management Software in India

In order to survive in a continuously growing and challenging era of the education sector, it has become mandatory for all educational institutions to implement an educational ERP. The school administration software is a must in the changing times. It takes care of all campus activities related to the students. It not only makes things… Read More »