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When people go online, they do so for two reasons. One is to check their email, the other is to solve a problem. When they try to solve a problem, they look for information that will solve that problem. The vast majority of them use the Google search engine. When the information they need is on your site, you must do whatever it takes to get people going to your site to find it.

When you write texts for your pages, you have to think about the keywords and key phrases that you could use to solve your problem to find the information you are looking for and incorporate them into your pages text and your meta- to integrate tags. The best optimized pages contain good keywords and key phrases in the title, descriptor, content and incoming links.

The most important thing is to produce content that people want to read. So, write your copy around the keywords and key phrases used to find your website and how they relate to your products or services and make your written content relevant to them

Keyword tools are available on Google and Yahoo information sites and are of course written by these companies – they are closer to the “rules” of optimization than anyone else. I use adwords.google most often. This is a free service and very helpful whether you are a beginner or an advanced user.

Tip: A great system to help you write great copy around your keywords and phrases in the Bebiz Business Builder.

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