Why should you use Socratic Seminars in your health education class?

Why should you use Socratic Seminars in your health education class?

What is a Socratic Seminar? A Socratic seminar is a formal discussion on a topic in which the leader asks open-ended questions. During Socratic Seminar, students listen carefully to the comments of others, think critically, and articulate their own thoughts and their responses to the thoughts of their peers. Students learn to work collaboratively and ask questions intelligently and politely. The Sokratik seminar allows students to apply practical methods of a topic covered and allows students to look at specific points from several different perspectives. Throughout the discussion, the teacher should intervene minimally, and when he does, he should lead the students to a specific topic or ask an additional open-ended question on a topic already discussed. Giving students the freedom to participate in a Socratic discussion will increase student participation and student learning.

A Socratic discussion can be used in any subject including history, language arts, sociology etc. but I would like to discuss the use of a Socratic discussion in a health education class. Incorporating a Sokratics seminar into your health education classes will be prevalent in most subjects such as healthy living, building good character, physical activity, diet and health, stress management, emotional issues, relationships, obesity, drug use, environmental health, etc. because these topics are very relevant to the everyday life of your students. You can engage your students in a discussion on these topics with a recent event article, after a discussion paper, after watching a YouTube clip and relate it to something that may be going on or happening at your school. Additionally, these are all topics that your students are sure to be interested in, hear about, and participate in on a daily basis. With an appropriate questioning technique from the leader (teacher), you will be able to generate a very scholarly discussion among your students, you may be surprised at how passionate some of your students are about certain topics.

The key to getting your students involved and truly engaged is to ask the right questions that will spark discussion. Once you’ve explored a specific topic in class, start a Socratics seminar by asking a question about that topic. Once some students have responded, start asking questions, e.g. B. What do you mean by that? How is that related? can you give me an example Could you elaborate on what he/she assumes? Why do you think that right? What led you to this belief? What is an alternative? Do you mean this? Etc. Again you might be shocked how passionately some students agree or disagree with the answers and comments of their peers and start debating which can be a good learning experience for the students as they start the topic/discussion from several Pages to consider perspectives that can enhance the learning experience.

The purpose of a Socratic seminar is to get your students to move to a higher level of thinking in order to enhance learning. Incorporating Socratic seminars into your classes will lead your students to discussion, debate, critical thinking, greater interest, and the ability to apply practical methods. “He who learns but does not think is lost” Confucius (551-479 BC).

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