How to make money online – for struggling students

By | July 6, 2022

Life as a college or university student can be as daunting as hell or as easy as a breeze. Many candidates enjoy the latter scenario because they love the art of how to make money online and flat out refusing to be a struggling student.

They’re just fed up;

  • The Admissions Office is chasing her for outstanding fees

  • Having absolutely no money to indulge in luxuries

  • Landlords nag her about the rent

  • Having to learn while subconsciously worrying about the rest of the money

  • Irregular hours in jobs they don’t even enjoy

The above is typical of a world where College students almost work their way into the ground try to finance their education. You know the discomfort and humiliation of repeatedly dealing with the unhelpful finance team in the administration office. The situation can be even more challenging when you are limited to options like;

1. Living without food and paying for college or

2. Leave college to work full-time and come back later.

So what can be done to defuse the situation?

Luckily there are some creative ways to pay off educational debt, although most students don’t have much money. The reality is that students have not been taught the basics of savings and risk assessment. This should definitely be part of the learning and orientation curve in the freshman year of college, if not the final years of high school.

And what about students who are able to pay off their educational debts and earn a living using the very creative method alluded to? What is this method and how is it related to making money online as a struggling student?

One of the most creative ways to pay off college debt is through affiliate marketing.

The hardest thing about affiliate marketing is knowing the process of the what, why and when of the requirements to become a successful affiliate marketer.

The guesswork can be taken out of the process with a simple review of various products, eBooks, and websites submitted by current successful students

For a Affiliate marketing program to work for college students from all walks of life and walks of life, it must address at least 3, if not all 5 of the following points;

  1. Provide excellent marketing support material
  2. Provide comprehensive tutorials and authentic case studies on how to build a successful affiliate campaign from start to finish.
  3. Be part of a community or forum that offers invaluable advice from experienced affiliate marketers.
  4. Provide administrative support at no additional cost.
  5. It has been tried and proven successful by many people, from newbies to the very experienced.

It is important that a due diligence process is followed and with the easy research access available over the internet these days this shouldn’t be a problem at all. The beauty of the online marketing approach is that it is inexpensive and has a low barrier to entry and therefore ideal for students with little access to start-up capital. There is absolutely no reason for a student with basic computer skills not to be able to manage their debt burden with a tried and true affiliate marketing program.

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